Starting on March 18th, I’m beginning my blog tour, where I’ll be guest posting, interviewed, and letting some of my characters be interviewed on many different blogs up until my debut novel, Hunter, is released on April 30th. Below is the schedule, which lists the name of the blog owners and links to their blogs so you can follow along and visit on the days of my scheduled appearance. I hope you join us!

MY SCHEDULE: (will be updated as I submit to more blogs)

March 18th – Erica Marie Hogan –
March 19th – Heidi Lyn Burke – http//
March 20th – Kandi Wyatt – 
March 21st – Peter
March 22nd – Stephanie A –
March 23rd and 24th – Here
March 25th – Michelle Marble –
March 26th – Ian Lahey –
March 28th – Laura Hilton –
April 1st – Jaimi ST – and
April 8th – Marie Elrich –
April 10th – Allen Steadman –
April 22nd – Jenelle Leanne –
April 27th – Tabitha Bouldin –
April 28th – Here