Hey! Since I am a fan of so many books, movies, and TV Shows, over the years I have written a lot of fanfictions. These are all edited projects that I did just for fun or with friends and most of them were (or still are) on wattpad.com.

I’m a MAJOR Star Wars fan and nerd, so A LOT of the fanfictions on here are all Star Wars based. On Wattpad.com, a site to read books for free, I did a special fun book called What if Star Wars had Social Media? Which was basically a fun thing if Star Wars characters had social media, this would be their conversations.

Star Wars Social Media

This next story was the first one that became “Wattpad famous.” It’s called Star Wars: The Chosen One and it’s basically the prequels written in detail with some extra scenes and stuff. A lot of people loved it and read it multiple times, but I wrote this YEARS and YEARS ago, so remember that my writing wasn’t as mature – at all. And this is also unedited.

Star Wars: The Chosen One

Another one is a short story I wrote for a Star Wars story competition. To be honest, I don’t remember what this is about or if it’s well written or not. It’s another Star Wars fanfiction!

Palpatine’s Vision

I also wrote a fanfiction where Anakin appears to Kylo Ren in Rise of Skywalker. Anakin should have been in it. Enough said. You can listen to it here on my YouTube channel.

YouTube player

This is yet another short Star Wars fanfiction I wrote for a writing competition. Read/download it below!

I was a writing competition host and for two of my games, I did one called Fandoms. The authors who joined it had so much fun that a year or so later, I did another one called Fandoms 2. Not only can you find my “entries” here which make up my story for both Fandoms 1 and Fandoms 2, but all the other authors’ stories as well – each from different fandoms.

Fandoms 1

Fandoms 2

I also did a writing competition with the same structure all about Star Wars. Here, you can read my entries again and the entries of all the other authors!

Author Games: Star Wars

Every year on the major holidays that I love (Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) I write special stories. Usually, these are anything, not just fanfiction. Sometimes, they’re even fanfictions of my own stories (odd crossovers even). For Independence Day 2019, I wrote a fanfiction of the best Revolutionary War movie ever, called The Patriot. Listen and watch it here on my YouTube channel.

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For another writing competition, I wrote a fanfiction of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments Series, following a creepypasta prompt. It was my first attempt at the horror genre, which I don’t like and won’t do again (but it was a different and new experience and challenge for me as a writer. Read/download it below!

My sister and I used to challenge each other (I would challenge her to draw things and she would challenge me to write things). One time, she challenged me to write the opening scene of a video game called Skyrim. In the video game, it plays a long clip of an execution and I had to write it from one of the video game characters’ perspectives. Read/download it below!