Shipping policy

Due to how slow shipping is, it may take a while for your book to get to you. If you order a paperback book from me, I will order it off Amazon first and have it shipped to me. Then, I will sign it and ship it to you. Because of this, shipping is $10 ($5 for shipping it to me and then $5 to ship it to you in the United States). Shipping outside of the U.S. will be calculated depending on country, so please contact me directly if you’re outside of the U.S. and we will figure out shipping rates from there.

I will send your books to you as soon as I can, but please be patient with me as I’m just one author doing this myself. I will try to contact you when your order is shipped and keep you updated via the email address you gave in your checkout.

Estimated shipping time is around 1 month.

Local delivery

If you live near my area or are in my area and would like to pick up your book directly from my house, feel free. I’m in the 65026 zip code. My address is 8 Wichita Road, Eldon MO 65026. Picking up your book from me directly has no shipping costs.

Other information

There is no shipping costs for bookmarks, photos, pictures, character images, maps, etc. Anything that can go into an envelop is FREE shipping.

How do I check the status of my order?

Please contact me via email at: for updates on your order. Alternatively, you can use the contact me page or find me on social media:



Refunds, returns, and exchanges

Since I’m just an author by myself, please let me know as soon as possible if you’d like to return a book I sent you. I’m often low on finances, so once I spend the money you sent, it’s gone, so any refunds will have to be paid out of pocket. For this reason, I won’t spend any money used to buy any of my paperback books until the books have arrived to you, so please let me know about that and tell me directly whether you do or do not want a refund.

I will work with you on orders that are damaged or misplaced. The good news is that since I’m ordering the paperback directly from Amazon, I’ll receive it first and be able to order a replacement from them if it’s in bad condition.

Refunds will not be given just because you changed your mind, don’t like the book cover, interior, etc. I will ensure all books are in pristine condition before sent, so that a return should not happen.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at, via the contact page or social media listed above.