The Mystics Series is my latest upcoming series published by Fallbrandt. Check out their website.

The Mystics is a nine-book supernatural suspense series filled with intrigue, twists, and forbidden romance, ideal for fans of K.F. Breene, Lindsay Hall, or Michelle Madow.

Vampires are real.

So are lycanthropes, witches, warlocks, and other supernatural creatures called Mystics. For centuries, the world has lived in ignorant bliss of their existence.

Ignorance is not always bliss.

A secret government organization hunts down mystics one by one. Some agents kill their prey. Others have something more sadistic in mind:

Imprison mystics for lab experimentation.

Keisuke, a vampire from the 1800s, once fought in the last days of the samurai. Now, his friends are disappearing. He knows what those labs are like, for he was a prisoner in one, decades ago.

Since he was turned, Keisuke hates being a vampire.

A human woman named Emelina makes him feel human again. But the closer he gets, the more danger surrounds her, for Keisuke remains bonded to a cruel vampire master who can force him to do whatever he wishes.

Avoiding agents and his vampire coven while trying to rescue his companions is a challenge. Adding an innocent human woman to the mix makes it worse…

For Keisuke has fallen in love with her.

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When your greatest fear becomes reality…

After a daring rescue mission to free captured mystics, the vampire, Keisuke, and his companions were led into a trap. To spare his friends, Keisuke peacefully submitted himself to agents.

His sacrifice haunts Emelina.

She refuses to stop searching for him, even if she must delve into her own dark past and face secrets she would rather avoid. While the others have abandoned Keisuke to his fate, Emelina refuses to give up.

Determined, she intends to rescue Keisuke before they kill him. Or worse.

Then, something happens that no one expected. A witch and her coven begin a conflict between humans and mystics.

The consequences are devastating. The world will never be the same.

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The Mystics have been revealed to the world. Chaos rages.

The world is at war, pitting humans against Mystics. Humans now know that silver can hurt Mystics, and the danger surrounding Keisuke and his companions is greater than ever.

Across the world, Mystics are captured and thrown into camps to isolate them from human society. Keisuke finds himself in a camp where vampires are interviewed about the history they know.

Except that Keisuke’s secret has returned to haunt him. The camp interrogators question him a mysterious project he’d rather die than reveal. The alternative would expose information that could devastate an already fractured world.

Emelina chooses to do the unthinkable to find Keisuke and bring him back: work for the very agency that hunts down the Mystics.

Can she get to Keisuke before he is forced to reveal what he knows?

Or will he die to take the secret to his grave?

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