I hired an artist named Lucas Santiago to paint scenes from throughout the Valiant Series. I had enough money to keep going for a while. He charges only $15 per scene and I was able to get up to halfway done with book 4 (Assassin). Since then, I realized they were a great marketing tool – I’m able to use them in teasers and trailers, and in giveaways, and print them off and resell them from my website too. In the future, I’d like to have a better stock of bookmarks and post cards of them to sell permanently.

When I picked out only the bare minimum of important scenes for the rest of the series, I ended up with 65 scenes. At $15 a piece, that’s $975. I can’t come up with that kind of money on my own. Since I did a Kickstarter before to raise the money to get my website up and running, I decided to do one for this too.

Visit the Kickstarter Campaign Page to find out more – and to find out what rewards are being offered to donors, for donations even as low as $1.