Chapter Ten

The current mystery of the cursed man, the unopened mummy, and language from a strange land or previously unknown ancient culture—which Nisa found more than likely what was going on…

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Chapter Nine

Leaving Bea to her work, Nisa trailed along to her own tent, mind reeling. Other worlds weren’t real and neither were aliens—at least, that they knew of. Nisa didn’t believe…

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Chapter Seven

Nisa stared at the newly discovered stone, after translating the Arabic, Mandarin, and Latin languages on it. It gave her a sense of what the symbols of the mysterious language…

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Chapter One

The wind whispered through the dark tunnel, bringing a chill to Nisa Acker’s entire body. For a moment, she froze where she knelt by a collapsed statue. Half of it was still buried in the ground beneath her and the upper half was cracked. The thing had to be at least two thousand years old but she handled it with care, as if she was tending to an infant. The wind whistled and Nisa swallowed deeply. “Chris? Susie? That you guys?” No answer.

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Chapter Five

Speaking to the others about a “game plan” hadn’t really gotten them anywhere. In reality, it had wasted extra time, so Nisa spent the next four hours doing more research…

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