Why not take a few quizzes to see how you fit in with the worlds I’ve created? Who would you be, what would you do, what would your story look like? Take these quizzes to find out!

The Republic Chronicles

If you lived in the Republic Chronicles galaxy and were a Magi, what Magi Guild would you be part of?

The Mystics Series

If you were turned into a vampire, which time period would you come from? Take this quiz to find out.

The Crystal Heist

If you were employed by the Thief King, what job would you have?

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Dark Magi

Would you rather be a Mage, Sage, or Wizard?

Mages use their thoughts to form magic spells that deal with the elements

Sages use runes to cast spells that deal with illusions, shadows, shapeshifting, and warrior magic

Wizards use a combination of chanting and staffs to cast spells that deal with conjuring, healing, shields, and space (teleporting)

Pick one and take the quiz to find out what type of Magi you are!



What type of Shapeshifter would you be? Would you be flying through the skies with the Dragon Clan or leaping through the trees with the Cat Clan? Would you join the Basilisks or the Pegasus Clan?

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If you lived in Zagerah, would you be a Hunter or a prisoner?

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Other Quizzes

What Kind of Reader Are you?

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