Thank you for your interest in my new map designing service. By “new” I just mean this is my first time doing this professionally for clients, but I’ve designed maps for my fantasy books for years and always used them for my books. Because of that, I decided to finally offer these services for authors who may not know how to design a fantasy map, especially since I love doing it.

I have pre-made maps which you can find here. But most generally, you’ll want a custom designed map.

Custom Designed Map –

For a custom map, it will cost $200, done through PayPal (preferably, but I may accept Venmo). Please use the contact me form below and tell me specifically about your story world – anything that you have described about it (geographical features, biomes, magical and fantasy-themed areas, town and city names and locations, and anything else you want included in your fantasy map. If you can rough sketch how you want it to look, that will help me design the map more according to the image in your head. It doesn’t have to be a good sketch – you could even use Paint or another simple program and just use different shapes as certain features. Please be as detailed as you want it to be.

I use the program called Inkarnate, so it only has a certain type of images available for use, so if you get too wild or fantasy, I will do my best to show/portray that in my map with the features they have. I do not hand design or digitally design these maps; I use Inkarnate (which is a professional program).

Paying for a map (both premade and custom) gives you full commercial uses (in other words, you can sell it).

Other Map Designing Services –

I don’t just design the main map for your fantasy world. I also:

  • Sell premade maps which you can find here. All text can be customized to fit your world names (titles, town names, etc). Each premade map costs $100, and upon purchase, you can use them commercially (you can sell them)
  • I also design specific, custom city maps for $150
  • I can also do a video of me designing your map in a fully edited video both with the raw footage and the video fully edited into a timelapse for $150. If you want copyright free music put into the video, that will cost an extra $20, and if you’d like me to do a voiceover of how I designed it and add that to the video, that will cost an extra $50

Premade Map Designs –

I am working to build up the custom map designs I have for sale. You can find them all here.

Browse Premade Maps

Custom City Maps –

If you’d like a specific city map for your fantasy world (either to go along with your custom fantasy map or for a map you already have or even just a city you have in your head and want to see a layout of), I design them for $150 using Inkarnate (the program I mentioned above). They have specific types of images to use, but I will design the city as close to your vision as possible. Please fill out the contact page if you’d like a custom city map and include a description of the city layout and important buildings and locations in your city. Like with a custom map, if you include a rough sketch, it will help me get the map as close to your original vision as possible (and you can use simple programs like Paint and use shapes to get a rough layout).

Video of me Designing Your Map –

With your purchase, I will send you the raw footage of your map being designed along with a fully edited video as a timelapse for $150. The timelapse will include a sped-up version of your map being designed, fully edited and fit for YouTube and social media (if you’d like shorter versions for TikTok and YouTube shorts please let me know in the contact form).

  • If you want free music added to the timelapse in the fully edited video that is commercial free, that will cost an extra $20 (as I have to pay for a service to get copyright free music that’s actually good that people want to listen to.
  • If you want me to voice over the timelapse with how I designed your map added to the final video that will cost an extra $50 as it’s a major extra step to editing the video that I have to take.

If you have any questions, feel free to fill out the contact form and ask me. I’m happy to answer all your questions and to work with you on your map project(s) that you need done, to bring your fantasy world to life.

Map Samples –

These are maps that I have designed for my fantasy worlds and books. I own them, and therefore you cannot use them or resell them for any purpose. They are also not for sale; they are just examples so you can see some of my best work.

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