Assassin, Valiant Book Four!

Sold into slavery by his own parents at the age of seven, Aidan has spent his life enduring torture and training. Now, as a fully grown man, he is an Assassin. He kills whoever the king wants dead without question or regret.

Until another assassin comes for the king’s daughter. The path to protecting her will only lead to corruption, which has already touched the hearts of many in the entire kingdom. Their love will be the source of their undoing and it starts Aidan down a path of lies and darkness.

Darkness that has already taken root inside his heart.

***This action-packed, romantic new installment to The Valiant Series takes place before Hunter and it’s about the Chosen who started it all.***


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I was hooked from the first page. The descriptions of the land and culture added so much to the intrigue of the story line. This is a brilliant read! It pulled me in from beginning and held my attention. The world building is detailed and imaginative. This novel has strong, well developed characters and an interesting story line that keeps you turning the pages.” – RAP-PAR

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Evil and power is such a strong desire for some that they can’t say no to it, then it is to late to turn back. It’s so heart wrenching what this assassin goes through, but there is still a little sliver of good in him. This story will make you think of what God does for us and how much He loves us and wants us to follow and be with Him! I’m rooting for this assassin to prevail and conquer this evil in the next book!” – Ahjumma

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