Rogue – Valiant Book Five

Coming August 14th

Lynia has always dreamed of being a Conclave Mage. To join them, she goes on dangerous jobs with constructs she summons using magical keys.

Lynessa is nothing like her sister. All she wants is a normal life, but she keeps getting dragged into Lynia’s schemes. It doesn’t help that she finds herself attracted to one of the constructs—a being of magic, not flesh.

Along the way, Lynia discovers a mysterious black key, one that summons a rogue mage who is powerful enough to disobey her commands. He also makes her laugh and experience feelings she’s never had before.

But the rogue mage knows more than he’s letting on, and the sisters discover dark secrets that threaten to destroy life as they know it.

Together, they must work to save their world… or watch it be destroyed by darkness.

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Earth. Home to an alien race called Ietons that have enslaved humankind. Growing up as a slave has made Jace believe he’s nothing—just a worthless animal for Ietons like his owner Archer to mistreat. Not only is Jace struggling to make it a day without being brutally punished, but he’s also falling in love with Archer’s daughter. If they’re discovered, death will be the least of Jace’s worries.

When beasts start mounting attacks, Jace is caught in the middle of something much bigger: a war to save earth—to save the entire galaxy. All Jace wants to do is save as many humans like him as possible and the woman he loves. But how can Jace do anything, when he’s only a slave? When he’s just a mortal?

Or is he?

Mortal is a prequel to the Valiant Series and a companion to Immortal. The Valiant Series continues with Rogue, Valiant Book Five.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I think the author is getting better and better at writing. Mortal kept me entertained and wanting to get to the end. Can’t wait for her next book. Immortal!

– talowe0125 on Amazon

Rating: 5 out of 5.

this works as a prequel in the Valiant series, it does what I was hoping for in a good prequel. I enjoyed the characters and going through their world. It was really well done and it left me wanting to read more.

– Kathryn on Amazon

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