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Joanna White is a Christian author and fangirl who loves writing stories, inventing worlds and characters that people can live in and experience for themselves as they read. She’s passionate about storytelling and has been ever since she wrote her first book at ten years old.

Now, she’s living her dream writing and publishing books. So come and take a journey into magical worlds filled with danger, dragons, drama, tragedy, tears, romance, action, and more.

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Delve into fictional worlds where light shines in the darkness…

The Valiant Series is my debut fantasy series. Corruption is spreading through the galaxy, spreading darkness and death to countless worlds and innocent lives. From honorable warriors, to shapeshifters, and even murderers, a group of people have been Chosen to fight against Corruption. They will endure tragedy, war, and a journey across the stars in the fight for the hearts and souls of people throughout the galaxy. Unless Corruption consumes them first. Click the button below to head straight to the Valiant Series page and find out more…

Thousands of years after Corruption made its conquest for the soul of the galaxy, a Republic was formed to protect it. Users of magic, called Magi, became the protectors of the galaxy. Now, they’re on the verge of war and now, one of their own has betrayed them. It’s a perfect blend of Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Star Wars. Click the button below to visit the Republic Chronicles page and learn more…

But I also write contemporary romance as well, not just fantasy.

When a mighty earthquake splits California in half, a series of massive natural disasters threatens to tear the world apart. But can couples still find love and God through the hardship? If clean romance is your comfort genre to read, then click the button below to find out more about the Calamity’s Hope Series.

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I wrote my first book when I was ten years old. It was called Cell 91 about a man who was thrown into prison for a murder he didn’t commit. That was Book One of the Liberty High Series, which were the books that started it all for me.

Writing was just a hobby for me. I wrote stories with my friends. They gave me ideas, and I’d write the stories. It was a passion, something I loved to do. Writing gave me a chance to live in worlds and experience the stories for myself and I always wrote stories I wanted to read. After high school, it became a career.

But not everything here is about my books or me as an author.

How many of you love pets? Dogs? Cats? Well, whether you’re a cat or dog person, you can read all about my pets—where they came from, their backstories and personalities, as well as funny stories, adorable pictures, and even videos about them that you can laugh at and enjoy.

You can find all of that here.

Do you love personality quizzes? I do! I love seeing what I would be or how I would end up in another world. I have plenty of those.

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I also have a lot of giveaways and promos all the time, which you can find on the giveaway’s page, and you can read interactive fiction where YOU decide how the story goes on the interactive fiction page. There’s also a ton of more fun stuff to do in the fun section, so be sure to check that out if you have time. Oh, and if you like YouTube, you can find all my YouTube videos here.

There is so much more to see and do here. This is a place for book readers – whether you adore clean romance, epic fantasy, or action-packed novels, this is a place for you to search around, explore, play games, find some fun giveaways, stay updated on the latest news, and just have an adventure. After all, that’s what we readers and writers love the most, right?

Explore my website and take a look around. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

And for all you Star Wars fans out there like me, May The Force Be With You!

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