The Republic Chronicles is set after The Valiant Series, in an era when most of the galaxy has been explored. To help keep order, a republic was formed, made up of representatives from most of the known planets, systems, and, and races. But the Republic needs an army to protect it and that’s where the Magi come in at…

Magi are people who use magic to help others, fight for the Republic, and more. They travel the galaxy, going on dangerous missions, fighting armies, putting down rebellions, restoring rightful kings, battling monsters, saving people… doing what they do best.


For years, Castre has governed itself apart from the Republic. But Vaxon’s War has left the land and its people weakened and in desperate need of aid. Now, many people feel it’s too late and don’t want the Republic involved. Kyren’s lost everything, but he’ll have to push aside his grief to be the king Castre needs him to be. Kyren’s forced to make a decision that will change his life forever, but he’s been shoved into a corner with no other way to keep his daughter safe.

Meanwhile, the Republic and the Magi are spread all across the galaxy, protecting people from men who crave power, just like Vaxon did. They’re on the brink of war and on top of that, one of the Magi Order’s own guilds has betrayed them. They’re now a Dark Guild, doing assassination contracts to kill innocent people. One of their targets is Ayka, one of the few Diplomats left in the Republic who still believes in the Father and who helps people more than she wants political power. Ayka’s life is now in the hands of the Magi, who place her in the protection of one of the most skilled Metal Mages in the galaxy. Falling for him and trying to get him out of his shell is difficult enough without adding in surviving the attempts on her life. Not to mention the people on Castre want the Republic to stay out of their affairs, but it’s Ayka’s job to represent them in the Republic Court.

While the best Guild in the entire Magi Order investigate an underground slave market, putting Zei Lin and his brother’s lives at risk, the Republic tries to avoid going to war with a race who wants nothing more than to see the Republic fall. A dark power is growing in the distant corners of the galaxy… with enough power to change the fate of the Republic and the Magi Order forever.

***Immerse yourself into this epic fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and the Chronicles of Narnia.***

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Dark Magi is about just a small, distant world in this vast galaxy. On a planet named Castre, a coup has taken place and now the throne has been stolen by a cruel dictator named Vaxon. He has squelched the Magi rebellion and blocked all attempts to contact other Magi or the Republic for help.

The Magi rebels are on their own…


A prequel to The Republic Chronicles

King Vaxon is sadistic and cruel. After taking the crown of Castre for himself, he’s finally squelched the rebellion of Magi who fought against him. The remaining ones will be thrown in an arena to fight to the death.

Vaxon knows it’s unlikely they will fight each other at first. For this reason, he’s sending his own son, Kyren, into the arena with them. As a powerful Dark Mage, Kyren’s job is to kill the Magi. If he doesn’t, then his own father will kill his wife and children.

Kyren will do whatever it takes to keep his family alive. Even if that means he must die after slaughtering his own comrades. Is it possible to rebel in a fight you’ve already lost and still keep your families alive?

Fans who love fast-paced action combined with fantasy and magic will love and enjoy this 40,000 word, action-packed, character-driven story.

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Want a sample and a behind-the-scenes look at the same time?

Dark Magi takes place on the world of Castre, a vast land filled with creatures and magic.

In the universe of The Republic Chronicles, there are users of magic called Magi. Each Magi is separated into three categories – Mages, Sages, and Wizards.

Mages are Magi who have elemental magic – water, fire, air, etc.

Sages are Magi who use runes

Wizards are Magi who have magic that deals with energy

Which are you?

Choose one, take the quiz, and find out what type of magic you would have!




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“Everything he did—every deplorable, horrid act—was to save his wife and children.”

– From Dark Magi

Book Two, Shadow Magi, will be published next year!

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