The Heart of Christmas

Christmas is a joyful time of year. Some people love it for the presents and the food—who doesn’t adore good food? Your favorite part of Christmas may be the snow, the Christmas carols, the decorations, Santa Claus, or giving gifts.

But which of these is the point of Christmas? What makes Christmas so special? Is it your friends and family or the time you have to share together? Is it how much fun you have, or the time you have off work and away from school?

This collection of 50 sweet, short stories all deal with the very heart of Christmas—Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

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The Crystal Heist

Alyra is a thief desperately trying to survive in the slums of Lower Kryston. Every day is a constant struggle for survival, but no one will trust her because of her Thief Mark. After she ends up in prison, Alyra meets a mysterious stranger who soon changes her life. Makai protects her and together, they pull off a few scams that earn them a bit of money.

Yet it’s still not enough.

Together, Alyra and Makai gather a ragtag team of thieves to pull off the greatest heist Kryston has ever seen. If they pull it off and steal the Sky Orb, the social classes will be destroyed and Kryston will be changed forever. But several members of their team have their own ideas of what to do with the Sky Orb…

Can they pull off the Crystal Heist to change Kryston forever or will their team’s selfish goals stand in their way?

The Crystal Heist is a character-driven, fantasy adventure with characters that will stay with you long after the story is over.

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