Want to have some fun? Whether you’re a writer, reader, both, or neither, there’s plenty for everyone to do.

If you love to take personality quizzes, check out all the ones I have here.

If you are a writer and want writing prompts, check these out here.

If you want some short stories and flash fiction, check out all of these here.

If you LOVE animals, especially cats and dogs, check out this adorable page!

For some of my stories – Shifter, Valiant Book Two being one of them – I had to invent an entire language for the races in the story. You can find out more about all the languages I invented as well as HOW I did it here.

For all of my characters, sometimes, certain songs remind me of them, their lives, and stories. It’s super fun to think about, especially if you love and enjoy listening to music. Check out the character songs page here if you love SHIPS and if you love music.