The wind tore at the mountains and shattered rocks into pieces, but the Lord was not in the wind. Afterward, there was a great earthquake, but the Lord was not in earthquake, and then there was a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire.
He was in the still, small voice.

Through the greatest disasters and tragedies in the world, God is still our light and hope.

When a mighty earthquake splits California in half, a series of massive natural disasters threatens to tear the world apart. But can couples still find love and God through the hardship?

Follow each book in the Calamity’s Hope Series as a standalone story of love, hope, disaster, as the characters discover that God is there in the midst of heartache and trouble.

Enjoy this Christian romance series where each books follows a series of natural disasters that threatens to destroy the world as we know it. Yet, through all the calamity, there is hope, and that hope is in Jesus Christ.

Book One: Volcano

Liam is as famous and reckless as they come. His fame and fortune have come from his wild adventures all around the world, which he films for his YouTube channel. Never before has his life ever been in danger, or has he ever gotten hurt.

Until now.

His best friend, Julia, wants to be there for him, but sitting on the sidelines isn’t what Liam does best. Especially with his numbers and subscribers dropping since he can’t do much. To help him, Julia takes Liam and a bunch of their friends on a vacation to Hawaii, but all that does is make Liam’s inner adrenaline junkie want more.

The last thing either of them expect is a volcanic eruption to happen—let alone the worst one in Hawaii’s history. But after a massive earthquake split California, the surface of the earth is on the move, and Liam and Julia are standing right in the path of destruction.

Especially when Liam and his friends decide to climb the Volcano to have a look—right before it blows.

This is a Christian contemporary romantic suspense, Book One in the Calamity’s Hope Series.

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Book Two: Earthquake

After the death of his father, Myles was forced to move across the country with his mom. Now, they’re struggling to make ends meet, and while his mother seems to be healing, surrounded by her old high school friends, Myles is all alone. The loss of his dad has left him feeling empty, especially when he refuses to let himself grieve. On top of that, he’s living in a town where he doesn’t fit in.

Lizzie knows what it feels like to be living in a city while feeling like an outcast. Her father moved her and her family across the country and she misses her home as much as Myles misses his. Meeting Myles is refreshing, especially when he and Lizzie seem to hit it off. But her anger toward her father grows each day, since she wants to take over the family ranch back in Montana—a far cry from their new Californian home.

Yet the closer Lizzie gets to Myles, the more she sees just how much grief he’s hiding inside—grief that he won’t deal with. While Myles overwhelms himself working two jobs just to keep him and his mom financially afloat, Lizzie and her family are well off—more than financially secure. Despite their differences, though, Lizzie and Myles are drawn together by their faith and their shared loneliness and distaste for this town.

But this California town that they both hate lies right on a series of fault lines that’s about to rupture.
When the fault lines go, they’re going to take all of California with it.

***You’ve read about the volcanic disaster in Hawaii. Now, read the earthquake that started it all***

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Book 3: Wildfire coming soon!

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