Affordable Editing, Freelance Writing, and Map Design



At only $2 per page, you won’t find editing cheaper than this. I was a writing competition judge and host for several years. I do a little of everything – developmental editing to polish your plotline, world, characters, and any issues that may come up; copy editing for all your syntax mistakes (punctuation, grammar, spelling, capitalization, vocabulary, etc); dialogue editing to make sure it sounds natural and is polished; and line-editing.


I will write articles for your website, blog, for anything you need. Prices start at $5 for 300 words. $10 for 500 words and $15 for 700. 1,000 costs $20 and prices go up from there. I have worked for freelance sites like,, Fiverr, and more for many years and have tons of experience writing in many different topics. Contact me if you would like to see any writing samples or if you’d like to ask me whether I can write a particular subject.


This is my most recently added service. I’ve been designing fantasy maps for my own books for years now, and I really enjoy doing it. So, I thought since there are authors out there who may struggle to design a professional map for their book(s) that I would offer this service as a way to help authors get a professional fantasy map for their story to bring their world(s) to life. A custom map costs $200, but I also sell premades and have other map commission services.



“Joanna White is a wonderful and talented editor to work with. She has a rhythm and flow with words to enhance and bring to life any writer’s story. Through her vision and spot on editing capabilities, she will increase your work to shine to become the very best it can be.” – Suzette Q. Heater

“Joanna is a thorough editor. She gives you suggestions to make your book even better.” – Dee Stone


“WOW! absolutely amazing ! I have to be very honest, I didn’t expect this at all. It exceeded my expectations ! THANK YOU!!! I am already submitting another order.” – furiaflamenca20 from

“Awesome as always great and fast service, I keep using joannawhite316 services.” – datis001 from

Let’s edit and polish your book to improve it and get it ready to be published, write content for your website, blog, or business, or design a map for your epic world together.

Please explain what kind of cover you want, what editing you need, what article you need written, or what kind of map you’re looking for in your message. Please be as specific as possible. I will get back to you as soon as possible about prices (see posts above for costs), your project details, and payment information (which is done through PayPal).