This is a page dedicated to my lovely pets. Don’t we all just adore animals? I know I do!

Scroll to the bottom for random stories about my pets!


This is our new Husky puppy – Echo!

Name: Echo


Breed: Husky

Personality: Loveable, playful, HYPER, quick-learner, curious, LOVES TO CHEW on everything!

Backstory: Echo was born to a mom and a sister. We bought him from my parent-in-laws. He lived outside until we got him and now he’s living the life with us here at home. He’s still just barely a few months old right now, so he’s still growing!


This is my dog – Bry. My baby!

Name: Bry


Breed: Beagle Hound Mix (other half is unknown).

Personality: Loveable, laid-back, loves food, lazy, occasionally stubborn

Backstory: We got Bry from the Stover Animal Shelter and he was brought in there after running away, found cut up. They nursed him back to health and now we have given him a loving home and have helped him overcome a lot of fears from past abuse.


This is my little sister’s dog

Name: Lila


Breed: Full Australian Shepherd

Personality: Active, curious, smart, playful (extremely so)

Backstory: We got Lila from the Stover Animal Shalter the same day we got Bry. Not much is known about her before, but she’s super playful and active. She loves running circles in our yard and chasing the cats. If you don’t give her something to do, she’ll find something on her own.


This is my mom’s dog.

Name: Spencer (nicknamed Spence or Spencie)


Breed: 1/3 Chiawawa and 2/3 Dachshund

Personality: Loyal, protective, stubborn, territorial

Backstory: We bought Spence from his previous owners when he was just a puppy, so we’ve had him the longest out of the bunch. We’ve watched him grow over the years and for whatever reason, he attached himself to my mom and now you can hardly separate the two of them.



This is my kitty, Aree. She’s adorable isn’t she?

Name: Aree


Breed: Unknown

Backstory: She and her sister, Aray, were both wild kittens found near my husband’s family’s place. They caught them for us so we could have cats in our new house. They were wild at first but now they’re adorable and loveable, just like any other cats.


This is my sister’s kitty, Aray

Name: Aray


Breed: Unknown

Backstory: Aray and Aree, both sisters, were wild kittens that my husband’s family caught for us so we could have cats in our new house. They started off wild but now they’re loveable and adorable too.


Here are some random pictures for you to enjoy!



December 6, 2019 –

Today, I was feeding Bry and Lila. They usually get overly excited for this part. I feed the cats at the same time and this all happens while my sister is outside feeding the rabbits. I’ll usually fill the cat bowls, then both of the dog bowls. I’ll put the cat bowl up on the table where they normally eat, then take the dog bowls to the living room and sit it down for them to eat. The cats, even when I call for them, will hang back until the dogs get out of the way. Like, “Uh-uh, I’m not stupid enough to try to run through here right now.”

Bry is so excited for his food, he’ll jump around from side-to-side, basically side-jumping over to his spot. He’ll leap and whine in excitement. I set his bowl down and then go over to sit Lila’s down. Today, she literally spun around in two 180-degree spins. It’s hilarious.

December 20, 2019 –

We thought we would try to teach our dogs to press their paws on the piano keys for a treat. We saw a YouTube Video where the man trained his dogs to hit a bell for treats. Bry and Lila were really confused but neither of them minded the treats. Now, when they see the keyboard, they sniff it and think it has something to do with treats!

We also got some adorable Christmas pictures with the pets today!


My sister Alisha and her cat, Aray!


Aree being all adorable under the tree!


Spence wouldn’t hardly sit still long enough for the picture!


Bry wouldn’t get closer to the tree and when he did, he faced the wrong way! Lol.


Lila is the most photogenic out of all the dogs! Perfect picture! Such a lovely lady!

January 29, 2020 –

Aray actually gave me some cuddles. I started petting her and she rolled onto her back, letting me slide my hand all along her tummy! So adorables!

January 30, 2020 –

Lila’s nail somehow got almost torn off so my mom and sister took her to the vet the other day. She did really well and now that she’s feeling all better, she kept grabbing her toys and wanted to play today. I grabbed it and hurled my arm behind my back to throw it, but it slipped out of my hand and fell behind my back. She got so confused, looking all around the living room for it. Later, I sat on the couch and loved Bry for a while since giving love is all the attention he ever wants. But he is starting to play with Lila more.

February 7, 2020 –

My mom, sister, and I were all sword fighting in the kitchen with mountain dew bottles. My sister and I dropped ours and Spence got super excited. He barked and ran around the kitchen, then darted to one of the small mountain dew bottles and tried to grab it in his mouth. He’s so tiny, he couldn’t get it around his mouth, so it ended up rolling it across the floor. He kept chasing it, desperately trying to snatch it, but he couldn’t, which caused it to keep rolling away as he chased it. We were all three on the floor laughing our heads off! I wish we’d had time to get a video because it was hilarious and adorable!