As usual, I decided to try something new. I’ve enjoyed posting a few of my books for free to one of my newsletters, but the book is so long that a single WordPress page can no longer handle it. So, I’ve been thinking about a new way to do this and one to provide book content for everyone, especially as I near the launch of my new YouTube vlog series, where I vlogged the progress of writing my books. For some of these, I thought it would be epic to post the book in blog form.

So, this is where you can find some of my books that I’ve decided to post here as a blog for free for you to read and enjoy. The books will be listed here, with each chapter being listed as a new blog post on that book’s page – on the days I decide to update it.

Click on the title to read the book and see all the blogs/chapters for it.


THE EIGHTH CURSE – To access this book, you need to sign up for my launch team newsletter. You can do that here.