Bride of Christ 

Bride of Christ 

Do you know what it feels like to be a bride? Maybe some of you do. When you’re a bride, at first you feel so excited. That excitement eventually gives way to nerves and anxiety, but underneath it all, you’re still excited and can’t wait to get things done. 

On the wedding day you’re probably a ball of nerves and yet at the same time, you couldn’t be happier. Everyone treats you specially. No matter what, they’ll do things for you, cater to your every desire and no matter what they’ll make sure that things get done exactly how you wanted it. You feel so loved and beautiful and you feel like you matter. You feel like you’re the most important person in the world and yet not in an arrogant way. In a special, loved way.
What does the husband do?
During this time, he’s probably laying back, just allowing you to run with the wedding the way that you want. There’s a lot of “yes, dear’s” because all he wants is to see you happy. The smile on your face means so much to him, but you know what means even more? Having you for a wife. This man loves you with his whole heart and on that wedding day, he’s going to be the happiest man alive because you’re in his life. He’ll give you what you need and provide for you, he’ll be there for you when your emotions go crazy, he’ll protect you and look out for you and someday he’ll be the father of your children.
The Bible says that we are the bride of Christ. What does this actually mean?

It means that Christ is our groom, our husband. He wants to see you happy… to provide and protect you, to give you a new life, and help you start over. He’ll love you more than anyone on this earth ever could and His love never runs dry!
It means that you should be excited, thrilled, maybe a little nervous, but ecstatic at the same time! You should feel special because you are special! You should feel like the luckiest woman alive. You should feel beautiful and feel like you matter — because you do.
And men… For once, you can take a break and relax. You don’t have to be the strong one with God. He loves you just as much as He loves the women. He’ll provide and protect you. You don’t have to have all the answers, not with God. In fact, He has all the answers you’ll ever need. Now, you too can feel excited and feel loved. You can feel handsome, like you matter — because you do.
It’s time that we finally understand who we are in Christ we should all start feeling that way too. Because we matter. We are special. 

We are loved — more than we can ever fully grasp or imagine. We should be excited to be part of God’s family. We may not have a special day to plan, but that special day is coming — the day we get to see and live inside heaven.
Oh, what a grand day that will be! Better than any wedding day, I can assure you.

Remember who you are in Christ and then… then you will start to feel like the child of the True King that you are.


Joanna White

I'm a Christian author with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment. I love God and my family and am passionate about writing Christian Fantasy. I'm a total nerd; I love Star Wars and video games and many other TV Shows.

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