My Blog Tour Schedule!

My Blog Tour Schedule!

My debut novel, Hunter, will be released on April 30, 2019. As of March 18th, I started going on a blog tour and so far many different new and exciting blogs have hosted me and more are sure to come. I wanted everyone who follows my blog to be able to follow along and click the links as the tour goes on, so this is a list of my Blog Tour Schedule and it will be updated as the blog tour continues.

Day 1 – March 18th – Erica Hogan’s blog. This one talked about some of the struggles I went through and how it compares with Hunter’s main protagonist, Averella. Find it here: Guest Post With Erica

Day 2 – March 19th  – Heidi Lyn Burke’s blog. We had a random, fun, hilarious interview so if you’d like to learn a bunch of random things about me, visit it here: Interview with Heidi

Day 3 – March 20th – Kandi Wyatt’s Blog. She interviewed me a set of preference questions at first but then got in depth about Hunter. Click here to view: Interview With Kandi

Day 4 – March 21st – Peter Younghusband’s blog. Peter talked with me in depth about Hunter, where the original idea for it came from, why I wrote it, and features all kinds of extras you won’t get to see anywhere else, including a unique excerpt from the book! Read it here: Author Spotlight With Peter

Day 5 – March 22nd – Stephanie Ayer’s blog. Stephanie interviewed one of the main protagonists of Hunter, Jared and also promoted some cool graphics. To read this exclusive character interview, click here: Character Interview With Stephanie

Thanks so much, everyone! I’ll be updating this list as Hunter’s Blog Tour continues!

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