Not Who You Think: A Detailed Look At Hindah

Not Who You Think: A Detailed Look At Hindah

I’m super excited for today’s post which is about the main antagonist of Hunter, named Hindah. He’s pretty much been a mystery and no one knows much about him. Well, today I’m here to give you more information on him; finally!

Hindah grew up in a time before Zagerah had been built. At this time, the Aretul didn’t have complete control over the planet and instead, the Aretul was divided into many different political factions. Some people served some factions and others worked for different ones. Many of the people joined forces to rebel against the Aretul.

Hindah was loyal to his father and the faction of the Aretul they worked for. He grew up being taught to fight but also to learn. In fact, one of the head scientists in the lab was Hindah’s mentor. At the time, Zagerah had been their first and only successful Hunter – the others all had flaws of some sort. Even then, technically, Zagerah wasn’t a Hunter, but he could certainly control them. At the time, they wanted more organization and structure, a controlled environment to test the Hunters. So they expanded the land and were in the process of building Zagerah.

They had a few breakthroughs and when they did, Hindah volunteered. They needed someone with a certain type of blood and strong genes that he had but his father was too old at the time.

The experiments were similar to what Zagerah went through, but with a slight variation. There were crystals that grew nearby that caused anyone pain if they came near it. So the scientists embedded these crystals into Hindah’s body. The pain of them being inside him alone almost killed him. His father actually tried to have them stop the experiments but Hindah wanted to be the first successful Hunter – he wanted the credit and honor for being the one to have had it succeed, especially when it was him that it succeeded on. After a few days, they raised his body temperature and combined that with several different drugs and eventually, the crystals melted. These didn’t become liquid like Zagerah’s veins did. No, instead they formed tattoos along his skin and after that, he was able to make them come alive, attach to people, and cause them intense pain as much as he wanted.

Hindah was the first successful Hunter. He was strong, fast, and had all of the enhanced senses. He had a powerful ability, one that would be useful in hunting and killing the human rebellion scattered throughout Averell. And he would be their first step in a much, much larger plan – one to create the perfect, most powerful being they could.

They had done it.

At least, they thought they had. Like the Hunters before him, Hindah had a flaw. His wasn’t an outright flaw like the previous Hunters had had; they always had a mutation or disfigurement of some type and if it wasn’t physical, it was mental. Never before had a Hunter been created that was perfect.

Though Hindah didn’t have a disfigurement or mutation, he had been given a weakness. Anytime he was near fire or burned, he would weaken, lose his powers, and be like any other human. The scientists were baffled, but as Zagerah continued to expand, they needed a place to keep the prisoners of war and someone to deal with them.

For years, Hindah and Zagerah did this alone. At least, until their next successful experiment worked: Norvach. To their disappointment, he had been given a weakness too. As the years passed, the world changed. The previous Hunters, disgraces with mutations and disfigurements, had all been locked away, never to see the light of day again. The Aretul’s factions had either joined together or been wiped out and the people of Averell had become oppressed. Men and boys were taken as war prisoners and the women had their fingers broken to keep them from teaching their daughters how to fight.

Generations passed and whatever had been done to both Zagerah and Hindah had given them longer life than a human. Over time, the generations of Averell lost their will to fight back. They started living in fear. Zagerah and Hindah were joined by Norvach and others as slowly the last generation of Hunters died away and a new one arose – one that the Aretul labs weren’t satisfied with.

This new generation was flawed and still had their weaknesses.

As the Aretul sent Hindah and the other Hunters to scour Zagerah, killing the weaker prisoners and capturing the stronger ones to bring to the labs, the Aretul scientists never stopped trying to create a perfect being – the perfect Hunter.

Do they? Find out by pre-ordering Hunter today.

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