Evil Incarnate: A Detailed Look At The Dark Master

Evil Incarnate: A Detailed Look At The Dark Master

Writing this backstory not only is going to be difficult and challenging, but…. Difficult and challenging. Somehow, I’m supposed to tell everyone more about the main villain throughout the Valiant Series, also known as The Dark Master, all without giving away spoilers for any part of the Series.

Where to begin?

The Dark Master is evil incarnate. He is Corrupted and his goal is to spread Corruption throughout the galaxy – yes, there is a galaxy in the Valiant Series. Averell is only one planet within this galaxy.

Long, long ago, before Zagerah was built, before the Aretul even split up into warring factions, The Dark Master sent his agents to Corrupt them. Slowly, the darkness spread through the Aretul. As they gave into it, their need for power and control grew and festered.

This caused the split between the Aretul factions; disagreements on how to wrest control of Averell from the people and how best to accomplish this. With The Dark Master’s guidance, one Aretul faction, the most powerful of all of them, were able to experiment and create the first generation of beings who were meant to be perfect.

Naturally, The Dark Master doesn’t tolerate failure, so after several decades when it became obvious they were never going to create a perfect being, The Dark Master had better things to do. Or eviler things, depending on how you look at it.

Of course, this all changed when the Light arrived. Radon, the one The Dark Master longs to see utterly destroyed. When Radon’s interest shifted to Averell to find the Chosen there, so did The Dark Master.

And it was he who got to the Chosen first, long before Radon did.

The Dark Master sunk his claws deep into the Aretul and into their failed creations. Zagerah became his first fully Corrupted servant, followed by Hindah. Both men sought more power than they already had, power that The Dark Master’s Corruption gave them.

With every new experiment, The Dark Master’s Corruption spread into each and every new Hunter. The Aretul lab workers learned how to wield it on their own and when they began infusing it into the Hunters during the experiments, their failures became less and less.

The spread of his Corruption gave The Dark Master the connection he needed. Averell’s people had been oppressed and now even his darkness spread and seeped into their hearts the more they in to despair and stopped fighting and resisting.

The Dark Master has one Averell. But it is only one planet in the galaxy and Radon will never give up his search for the Chosen.

For there are more than The Dark Master believes.

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