Review of Aladdin

Review of Aladdin

I just watched the new movie Aladdin with my mother, sister, and grandfather. I gotta say, this movie definitely surprised me in the best way possible. Even though remaking their own classics in live action may seem like they’re dry on new ideas (which a lot of things seem to be these days), they’re making wonderful masterpieces that still capture the original feeling of watching the animated versions when I was a kid.

I loved everything about this movie.

It was so hilarious; funnier than the original, dare I say. Will Smith did a superb job as the Genie and I like him almost as much as Robbin Williams. Seeing the trailer, I thought Will Smith? No way. But he pulled it off and more. I laughed practically all the way through it.

Aladdin is cute and Jasmine is beautiful. Their romance is sweet and A Whole New World is still a song that makes me wanna sing. The CGI and graphics were absolutely stunning, same with the costumes and scenery. It really captured the world of Agrabah and brought it to life.

We had the privilege of watching it in 3D which made it even more enjoyable. I swear they’re getting better and better with making movies in 3D. I jumped several times which for me is a good thing because it means the 3D is really good and vivid. It felt so real, especially going inside the cave of wonders. Literally, it felt like I was walking inside of it, no joke.

Did I mention Aladdin was hilarious, especially the Genie? Oh, man. They also really captured his personality with all the random magic being thrown about and the friendship between him and Aladdin. Abu and Carpet were cute, adorable, and hilarious, along with Iago.

This is a short review, but there isn’t much more to say. I loved this movie, Aladdin, it’s worth paying the money to see it, so if you have a chance, go see it in theaters. 5 stars from me!

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