Learning to Lean on God

Learning to Lean on God

Anyone who reads and studies the Bible, specifically the Old Testament or anyone who knows Biblical history knows that the Israelites were often conquered by other nations. First, they were slaves in Egypt but God brought them out of slavery and freed them. The book of Judges talks about a pattern of being conquered, turning back to God, being set free, just to turn against God, and be conquered once again. Then, the book of Jeremiah talks about when the Israelites strongly rebelled against God, so he allowed them to be conquered by Babylon.

As I’ve been reading through the book of Jeremiah, God gave me an important revelation that has changed the way I look at different circumstances. Sometimes, anytime bad things happen to us, we wonder why? Why does this happen, why can’t God free us, why isn’t He changing things? Why, why, why?

Sometimes, we won’t know why because we’re meant to take things by faith. But the realization God brought me to was this:

Captivity made the Israelites turn back to God.

If they weren’t conquered, then the Israelites would have continued to sin and turn against God. In Judges and Jeremiah, the Israelites would often worship other gods and do other terrible sins that they knew better. They ignored God and chose to turn against Him. But any time they were conquered, they would cry out to God, repent, and seek Him.

When we go through bad things in this life, we need to turn to God. Going through bad things can do many good things for us because God always uses bad for good, but it can also specifically teach us to rely and lean on God.

So the next time you have a struggle whether it’s relationship problems, financial difficulties, stress, works, a difficult person, fighting, feelings of unworthiness, an addiction, a death, disease, or anything that feels overwhelming to you, rely on God. Trust Him to get you through and know that it’s only temporary. He’s doing this for your good, somehow, someway and one day, you will see the good from it.

In Jeremiah, God promised to bring the Israelites back to their land. “For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a future and a hope.”

Remember that God promised to prosper you and give you hope and a future. Lean on Him and trust him through your circumstances. Use it as a chance to grow closer to Him, to build a stronger relationship with him.

And if you ever need prayer, even if it’s about something personal, please let me know. Comment below, even if it’s personal, just say “unspoken” and I will pray for you. You can also email me at: starwarsFAN316@gmail.com or visit the contact me page.


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