The Importance of The Passover

The Importance of The Passover

Since this is Easter weekend, let’s talk about the importance of Passover. Some of you may know what it is or a vague concept about it. Some of you may not have even heard of it at all and others may know exactly what Passover is and why it’s important. If we aren’t Jewish, why is the Passover relevant to us, you may wonder?

Just to remind everyone what the Passover is; it’s a Jewish holiday that celebrates a time when the Israelites were slaves in Egypt. The tenth and final plague had come to Egypt and God instructed the Israelites to have the Passover meal. The instructions were very specific and part of what they were to do was slaughter a pure lamb and sprinkle its blood on the doorposts. When the death angel came for every first born in the land, if it saw the blood on the doorposts, it would pass over your household and you and your family would be safe.

The blood represents the fact that it takes a pure blood sacrificial lamb to atone for sins—at least, it did back then. In order for Israelite sins to be forgiven, they had to do sacrifices. You see, sin is equal to death and because life is in the blood, only blood can atone for sin.

When God came to earth as Jesus Christ and He died on the cross, the day of His crucifixion was the day of Passover. So, when Jesus—a pure, holy, perfect Man who was also fully God—died, He became The Sacrificial Lamb. The Lamb that atoned for EVERYONE’S sins for all of history.

He died for you and for me. For everyone.

Now, He’s already paid the price. His blood covered our sins, so now death can be passed over us if we accept and believe in Jesus and in what He did.

That is the importance of the Passover. It will always be important because the Passover points to Jesus. It reminds us that we as sinning humans need a Savior, that He was the perfect lamb who was slaughtered, whose blood covers our every sin, if we only believe in Him, repent, and turn away from our sin.

This Easter, think and dwell on what Jesus did for you and reflect on the deeper meaning behind the Passover.

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