The True Vaccine

The True Vaccine

So, the last several weeks we have been going through a study on the people of the Bible—the lessons they learned and what we can learn from them, in turn. Today, however, we’re going to take a break to discuss a more pressing matter going on in society right now.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 and the policies created to combat it have created a division among the people. Since today is 9-11, I’ve seen so many posts reminiscing about the aftermath and how Americans as a whole banned together to help one another through the tragedy that had happened. Yet, today, we see nothing but division. No one wants to be “that person”… the one who is keeping people divided. But whether you’re for COVID vaccine and you blame the anti-vaxxers or you are against vaccines and blame the left for everything, the fact is that everyone has their own opinions and beliefs on the matter. We may not always understand the other side and yes, there are evil people in this world who are seeking to control it and harm us. And there are those who are complying because they believe what they’re being told, because they live in their bubble of a world where they want to stay safe and make sure their friends and family do too.  There’s nothing outwardly wrong with that.

But we can’t stay in a bubble anymore. It’s important for us to think for ourselves. God gave us free will, so why can’t man do the same? If God, who created us, will allow us to sin and do all sorts of evil—because if he didn’t, then we would be robots—then, we in turn, should allow people the freedom to make their own choices. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have laws or stop crimes, but when it comes to getting a vaccine—it’s the person’s choice.

“But we should get it to help everyone, to save people from COVID, to stop the spread.”

Do your research. Getting vaccinated does not stop the spread of COVID. You can still get it, and you can still spread it even AFTER getting a vaccine! It helps your body fight it off. Even people who have the vaccine are still required to wear masks in some places. So, why force people in society to get it, when it really doesn’t make a huge difference overall, when, rather, it helps an individual person’s body fight it off better?

Hypocrisy is happening so much these days that it’s common. According to the left, “it’s my body, so it’s my choice,” at least where abortion is concerned. But not when it comes to the vaccine. Not only is that highly hypocritical, but that also doesn’t make any sense. You’ll let it be a person’s choice to kill and murder another human being—viciously and sadistically, in the manner they do so, I might add—but it isn’t their choice if they inject their bodies full of an untested vaccine that may or may not have worse side effects later on down the road?

For years, there have been people who hate vaccines. Their beliefs may not make sense to others, but it was always their choice whether to get them or not. I’m not saying vaccines aren’t helpful, they are! And many diseases are now eradicated because of them. Because of fully tested vaccines that have been studied for years before ever going to the public. These vaccines have not had the same rigorous tests and there hasn’t even been enough time to see what the long-term effects will be.

When I am fully healthy, why would I inject my body with something that dangerous? If anyone wants to get vaccinated, let them. Especially those at high risk of getting COVID. But don’t force anyone to get it.

My husband’s work now has a mandatory rule that you have to be vaccinated and if you aren’t, you are required to get weekly COVID checks or you lose your job. Not only is that pure idiocy, because anyone with the vaccine can still get COVID, but it’s giving the government too much control and overstepping their bounds of what they are allowed to order the people to do.

Whether you like it or not, our country was founded on Christian beliefs. They created the Constitution because they wanted men to be free, to ensure that we no longer had to deal with a corrupt leader or government that was going to take away the freedom of the people.

That’s why we have the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the freedom of choice—to choose whether we want to get the vaccine or not. If you want it, fine, but don’t paint those of us who don’t as villains. I love people and I certainly don’t want anyone to get sick from COVID. I have many elderly people in my family and my own mother has a lot of underlying conditions that are concerning. I know people who have gotten the vaccine and I know people who will refuse to no matter what. But this is a freedom of choice, especially when you look at the fact that out of over two hundred and twenty four million cases of COVID worldwide, over two hundred million of them have fully recovered. Only four million have died. That’s not negating the deaths from COVID, but it’s not worth making a vaccine mandatory.

I’m a huge history buff, so I always look to situations of the past. When you look at the worst plague of history—the Black Plague—it caused seventy-five to two hundred million people to die. And this was considering the population of the world back in the 1300s, which meant it killed over thirty to sixty percent of the entire European population at the time.

In the United States alone, some of the leading causes of death are: Heart disease and cancer, at over six hundred thousand, and five hundred thousand. Accidents number in at over one hundred thousand, the same with strokes, and Alzheimer’s. Suicide is at over forty thousand, and influenza and pneumonia is the same.

The number of deaths from COVID in the United States alone comes in at over six hundred thousand, tied with cancer and heart disease. I’m not downplaying anyone’s deaths, but I am only saying that people die all the time—from heart disease, cancer, car accidents, suicide, drug overdoses, natural disasters, and more. Death is a part of life and it happens to everyone at some point. It’s something most people are afraid of, even if they won’t admit it.

All this death, decay, and disease happens because we live in a fallen creation that has been overrun by death and sin—Satan and his demons currently have control of the earth. God is still ultimately in control. One day, he will destroy Satan, sin, and death forever and will take those of us who choose to be with Him to a perfect place where there will be no more death, no more dying, and sin, and disease.

The only vaccine we need in life is the Savior—Jesus Christ. Regardless of the number of deaths from COVID or any other disease, the one disease that kills more people in the world than anything else, is sin. Think about how many people die in their sins without believing in Jesus. The number, if we could count it, would be staggering, I’m sure. If you don’t want Christians to force people to take the vaccine to sin, which is Jesus Christ, then don’t force other people to take the physical vaccine. In my mind, sin is worse than COVID, cancer, or any other disease in this world. The Bible says to fear not what can kill the body, but what can kill the soul. Sin will kill your soul forever, if you choose to let it. Instead, let God heal you, and believe in Jesus Christ. That He came down and lived a perfect, sinless life to save you from your sins. To take your place, a place that you and I both earned. We sinned against God. He is holy and just and cannot look upon sin. He’s the Judge of the Universe and a good judge must bring justice. But Jesus took the punishment for our sin, and paid the fine, so that God, the Judge of the Universe, could still be holy and righteous and bring justice, but He could also legally let us go free.

Take the vaccine of life—the only one who can save you eternally, forever more. He’ll save you from COVID, regardless of whether you get it or not, and He’ll allow you to live with Him forever, in a perfect world where there is no more sin, no more death, disease, decay, sorrow, dying. A world where it’s perfect and where we can be loved by Him forever and ever.

Joanna White

I'm a Christian author with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment. I love God and my family and am passionate about writing Christian Fantasy. I'm a total nerd; I love Star Wars and video games and many other TV Shows.

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