Hunter’s Audiobook Is Out And I’m Terrified

Okay, so I’m terrified but also excited. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s SUPER exciting that Hunter’s audiobook is finally out. Timothy McKean, the narrator, did a fantastic job. I was listening to it in the jeep today on our way home and let me tell you – it’s exciting to have a professional audiobook that brings my story to life.

But I’m also terrified. As an author who’s been self-publishing for a few years now, I’m trying to figure out the best ways to market my books on a budget, and it seems like there’s less and less interest in books these days. Everyone’s having a financially hard time, so when few people read anyway, why would they spend money they can’t really afford on books? Maybe that is or isn’t the issue, but either way, I don’t have a lot of money to market, so I’m trying to figure out how to market my books for free and to get readers interested.

I know there are people out there who would LOVE my books. Now, I just have to find them.

I also realize I haven’t blogged on here in a long time. For a while, I did devotional-style blogs, but I will only return to that as and if God leads me. For now, I just want to study my Bible and learn about God and don’t feel I need to be in a position to blog and teach anyone, if that makes sense. It just doesn’t feel right for me at this time. So, please be patient with me as I experiment with this blog and try new things. I’m trying my Book Blog, where I post chapters of my books and give them to my newsletters for free long before they’re edited or published, so I hope y’all will enjoy that. I also would like to do more author interviews on here as well.

Averella is in prison. Just as she planned.
Determined to rescue her sickly brother at any cost, a disguised Averella gets herself thrown into Zagerah, the most dangerous place in the world. Around every corner are the Hunters, magically enhanced sentries with one mission: execute every prisoner they find to keep the people afraid, weak, and oppressed.

Jared, an experienced member of these assassins, has only known killing, until a mysterious new prisoner shows signs of having Hunter potential. Under orders, Jared disguises himself as a prisoner to get closer to the newest inmate, but both his mission and his resolve are soon shaken by what he discovers.

With her escape plans in shambles and no idea which of the prisoners she can trust, Averella must evade the Hunters while she scrambles for a new way out. But how can she save her brother when she can’t even save herself?

Joanna White

I'm a Christian author with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment. I love God and my family and am passionate about writing Christian Fantasy. I'm a total nerd; I love Star Wars and video games and many other TV Shows.

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