I am a MAJOR nerd and HUGE fangirl. Other than writing, some of my favorite things to do is watch movies and TV Shows and play video games. Yes, for me, even video games can count as Fandoms.

So, this is a page dedicated to all the Fandoms I’m in. I’ll tell you about each one, why I love them and literally fangirl with you if you’re in them too.

LET’S DO THIS. IM ALL FIRED UP NOW. Comment if y’all get that reference.


By the way, these are in no particular order – not favorites to least, vice versa, or oldest to newest, etc.


Star Wars – Obviously, this gets number one (again, not that I’m doing an order) mostly ‘cause it’s usually the first one always on my mind. It’s probably one of the biggest Fandoms out there and only Marvel is even attempting to come close and that’s just because they have a lot of books and movies. But Star Wars had an epic franchise that has lasted for over forty years, and then when you consider ALL the books, video games, and TV Shows that have been added, man, it’s HUGE. I have lived and breathed Star Wars since I was a kid. For me, it all started with Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. At the time, I just thought it was a good by-itself movie. Then, I discovered Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith with a groan up Anakin. Heck yes.

It was literally into my middle-school years, I think, that I learned that there was MORE. Episodes 4, 5, & 6. It was one of these moments:

Literally. Episode 3 had been THE WORST CLIFF HANGER and I was probably the only Star Wars fan in HISTORY that didn’t know about Darth Vader. Yet. That all changed


Sorry, wrong fandom invasion. It happens a lot.

I spent my days watching and rewatching the movies, pretending like I was a Jedi, then I eventually discovered video games, so I played a few of those – I still love the Original Battlefront better but Jedi Fallen Order is the best! I became a die-hard Star Wars nerd, even to the point of playing an online role-playing game called Clone Wars Adventures. There, you could be anything you wanted from a Jedi to a Clone even to a Sith. We were nerds who made up stories and played the mini games. It was a basic game, but the fun of it was the stories we invented while we role-played adventures, dangerous, and storylines. Those were the good ole’ days.

Then Disney got sold, Clone Wars the TV Show got canceled *sobs* and CWA was QUIT. Literally, for our role-playing game, our characters, the stories, and friendships we made, it was like the apocalypse was happening.

What a tragic day.

Since then, we’ve gotten a Clone Wars new season and the Mandalorian which kind of made up for the sequel trilogy – enough said.

Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood and it was the inspiration for the Valiant Series.


It wasn’t the ONLY part of my childhood.



Ah, who isn’t a Disney fan? By Disney, I am referring specifically to the Disney animated classics. What I love to call the Disney Renaissance Era, if you will – the golden age of the 90s. With a few of the new ones added to it too.

I’m probably forgetting a few, but some of my favorites include (in the order of how much I like them:

The classics like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella, have been a little warped because I LOVE the show Once Upon A Time and they were MASTERS at twisting these stories to be EPIC, so I’ll leave those at that little side note. Don’t worry; we’ll get to talk and fangirl over Once Upon A Time here in a bit!

All the Mickey Mouse Classics – including Mickey’s house of mouse and house of villains!

Hercules – I like this movie but they did a bit of a copy of Samson from the Bible and I don’t like that, so that’s why it’s so low on this list.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame – only seen it once, don’t remember much of it.

One of my favorite things is singing Disney songs. Seriously, they’re the best. I love bursting out in random Disney songs when it’s relevant!


Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman

Ahhhh, man there is seriously nothing like older shows to look back, reflect on, and rewatch over and over again. They don’t make ‘em like they used to. Seriously, I LOVE watching a show and knowing that it’s super clean and there isn’t anything bad in it and there isn’t any political agendas put into the show at the risk of ruining it for me.

This is historical fiction about a woman doctor who comes out west. Everyone hates her at first, but she becomes important to the town. Each episode is a new, 1800s adventure and I love this show so much! I mean, when you have a male lead like Sully, what’s not to love?

Not to mention this is the show that has the sexiest, cleanest, most romantic scene of all time:



Seriously this show started it all! I kid you not. It was running for such a long time and had 10 amazing seasons in it about Clark Kent – Superman- before he was superman. Smallville is the show that spawned the entire DC TV Show trend that started on the CW Channel. So, all your current favorites like Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, etc. all started because of Smallville.

Tom Welling will forever be my Clark Kent.

And there is no other league besides this one


Prison Break

There’s something about this show that I just LOVE. It is realistic and true to the terrible things that happen in prison – every gritty detail – and yet, they portray it in such a clean way that I absolutely can’t get enough of. Michael, the main character, goes through so much to save his brother and this family of friends and all they go through together is so much fun to watch. I love seeing the dynamics change and grow and literally, they have some of the best antagonists.

Come on.


Game of Thrones

I’m a Christian, so some of you may be wondering what I’m thinking or doing, being a Game of Thrones fan. Yes, it’s very bad. It has SO much in it that’s VERY VERY BAD and I hate that. But the characters are loveable, the storyline is full of twists that become addicting and refreshing, and I love the show. I HATED the ending and feel that the arcs didn’t do the characters justice. But the story is so great.

So, that’s all I have to say about game of thrones. Winter is coming and I vow to write such a good story as this, but keep it clean. That’s why I write.


Criminal Minds

I love a good mystery as much as anyone but I’ve literally been addicted to Criminal Minds for so many years that anytime I try to watch a new crime show, I’m just like…. WHERE ARE MY PEEPS?

I need Reid

Not to mention Morgan.

Plus, when you get Garcia, Hotch, Rossi, JJ, and some of the new ones added to the team, it’s the BEST.

Literally. If I was murdered, I want these guys to solve it. They’re AMAZING. And WAYY smarter than me.

I love that with this show, if you take a bathroom break even for a few seconds, you’re gonna miss A LOT. Literally. I’ve disappeared for like 30 seconds, come back, and was lost. It’s so intense and good and each episode throws in a twist you don’t see coming. After so many season, you would think the crimes would start to get predictable and easy to solve, but NOPE. This show always keeps you on your toes.


Vampire Diaries

AHHHHH. Everyone pretty much knows that vampires used to be a major trend. Maybe not so much these days but everyone was obsessed with them and maybe it got old.

Not with the show Vampire Diaries. It was based off a book series I never read (sorry guys). AND MAN ITS ONE OF MY FAVORITES.

There is so much to fangirl about here.

Starting with Damon Salvatore

Seriously? How can you not? He’s handsome and extremely snarky

There were soooo many good antagonists, twists, and amazing character arcs through this.

And, in case you’re wondering I’m team Damon, which means I ship DELENA

Speaking of good antagonists from Vampire Diaries…



The Originals

This is actually the most recent show I’ve come to love and I’m literally not through with it yet (still in season 4).

Literally, what is not to love when you have Klaus and Elijah?

Hehe. And I’ve even started to love Kol

It’s a lot like Vampire Diaries. There are a few arcs in this I’m not fond of, but overall, it’s been amazing. I love the theme of family in this – it’s super strong and fun to watch.


On a totally different note… Avatar the Last Airbender

This is literally my ENTIRE middle-school-hood. No joke. I LOVED this show and literally waited for each episode to come out in the final season (book three, fire).

This was and in my opinion still is one of the best examples of a show. It wasn’t just for kids – but could be enjoyed by the entire family. It was clean, which felt SO reassuring. The characters were loveable but it also didn’t have a simple, predictable, boring story. It had just as many twists and turns as Vampire Diaries, but was totally clean and MASSIVELY creative world, race, and even magic building. What they use in this show is more considered powers/abilities, but it’s still a form of building a magic system and I tell you – this is super creative.

The martial arts were TO DIE FOR.

Plus, Zuko. One of the best character arcs in history next to Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader

Plus, literally, Sokka! Come on! He’s HILARIOUS.

Snarkier than Damon

Then, you have the funniest line in all of history

Then, you add in the fact that Luke Skywalker played the evil Fire Lord and boom. *mind blown*



This is one of the best historical fiction dramas I’ve ever seen. It’s fairly clean, which was reassuring in a way and is FULL of angst and drama. The history part is also really interesting, but with the drama of a modern day show.

I TOTALLY ship Mary and Francis (sorry for any Bash shippers out there)

The character arcs in this show are really good and it’s great for a re-watch now and again.


While we’re on historical fiction, I wanted to list a few other historical fiction shows I’ve seen and enjoyed but don’t need to rewatch too often – Marco Polo – literally the best part is the throne singing opening, hehehe – and Sons of Liberty. Both really good, historical fiction that are both also accurate and dramatic.

And I also can’t forget about the show Spartacus. It had some bad scenes in it and was a bit like Game of Thrones but historically about gladiators (gladiator the movie is better) but it was pretty good – worth mentioning.


Fandoms aren’t just shows. Movies can become big enough to build their own fandoms too. First up is Pirates of the Caribbean. I know it’s Disney, but I see it as it’s own Fandom. Literally, it’s fun, hilarious, entertaining and you can’t go wrong with pirates, Jack Sparrow, Orlando Bloom, and well, Jack Sparrow.

Plus, the MUSIC. I literally burst out in random times humming the music to this entire franchise. Sometimes, I even do a medley jumping between this, Star Wars, and others.


I wanted to mention two other fandoms here that I’m in. Keep in mind that I am in both of these fandoms. With both, I have ONLY seen the movies, never read the books, and I’m a fan, but not a die hard fan of either. They’re just really good, super entertaining movies.

This is: Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

Whether you want to group them together or not. Typically, Christian’s enjoy Lord of the Rings and hate Harry Potter. I don’t see it (Harry Potter) as evil and it’s actually very clean and family-oriented.


I’ve seen so many movies, that I literally can’t think of any more right at the moment, but I play a ton of video games.

Skyrim is the video game that I started playing video games on. This was both good and bad. Good because it’s an amazing game. Bad because it set my standard for video games HIGH. Lol.

I have lived and breathed Skyrim. Hours of my life, gone, playing this game.

Literally, HUNDREDS of different characters I’ve created, each a different time I played through the game. I’ve been through it DOZENS of times all the way through. It’s open world, so people often say you can’t run out of things to do in this game. I’m one of those die hard fans that yes, you actually CAN run out of things to do and there probably isn’t a glitch out there I don’t know about.

I tend to kill horses by jumping off mountains. I love Elves, magic, and being a dragon born. I’m terrible at sneaking and prefer being more of a berserker.

Forget sneaking around. Just jump right in, slash and hack at your enemies until you get through.

Of course, this also means that I die. A LOT. More than probably the average player. So, it’s saving after EVERY fight, so I don’t lose my progress.

Eventually, of course, I did learn how to sneak around with a bow and arrow but it takes so much time and I’m terrible aim.

I love Shouting.

YUL is my favorite.

Dark Magi was inspired from Skyrim and MANY, MANY, MANY of my other stories. Skyrim for me is the Star Wars of video games.


Assassin’s Creed.

There is nothing like running from guards and doing a leap of faith into a pile of hay.

I LOVE assassin’s creed. Literally, it’s like candy for history buffs like me. You literally get to play through history in some of the most historical events. I kid you not, this game will teach your kids more about history than school will. Every character who dies in this game actually died in that way. The scenery and other parts of the game is all filled with things that are historically accurate. The creators of the game spend YEARS researching each era before they do it.

Yes, like all the fangirls, I LOVE Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

I also love all the other guys too – Edward is super fun and hey, who doesn’t love being a pirate? Bayak is cool and I Love the new Greek guy – I literally can’t remember his name. I’m sort of stuck in Odyssey because I hate the new system where you have to level up a lot to continue the main storyline, which means you’re FORCED to do side quests which I hate. I wanna do the main storyline only. Anyway…

BUT my favorite Assassin is Conner

And my favorite game is Assassin’s Creed 3. Come on! You literally get to play a Native American in the middle of the Revolutionary War! You literally can’t get any better than that.

That’s like combining Dances with Wolves and the Patriot.


Speaking of… These two movies were so engrained in my childhood that they’re fandoms in and of themselves to me.

Dances With Wolves is about a civil war hero who heads out west and ends up becoming part of a Lakota Sioux Native American tribe. It’s one of the few movies out there that really correctly portray Native American culture and brings out how kind and family oriented they were. I love Native Americans – which is almost a fandom in itself to me as well, given how much I LOVE learning and fangirling over them and their culture—so this is one of the best, if not THE best Native American film out there.

The Patriot is about the Revolutionary War and one man who joins it. It’s a great movie and I can’t do spoilers. It’s a tradition for my family to watch it EVERY FOURTH OF JULY and I can’t talk about this movie enough. It’s SO great and has everything – family, action, drama, suspense, tragedy. Everything a good, family movie needs. I remember seeing this in theaters when it first came out when I was like five.

Keep in mind, it’s rated R for violence.

But man, it’s SUCH a good movie.


Speaking of good movies and Mel Gibson (since he stars in The Patriot) I have to mention Passion of The Christ. One of the best Jesus films I’ve ever seen. It did take several tries before I made it all the way through this movie, but I feel it was so important to show what Jesus went through to save our sins.

And no one can beat this ending

Gives me chills EVERY TIME. Our Lord is ALIVE!

This also leads me into Bible movies. I love watching them if they’re portrayed correctly.

Check out this Bible video I made with clips from some of my favorite ones.

YouTube player

I just find it’s sometimes hard to find ones that are portrayed correctly and that don’t twist it for Hollywood. Two terrible, atrocious biblical films is Exodus with Christian Bale (sadly, ‘cause he’s a good actor and I like him) and Noah with Russel Crowe (again, sadly ‘cause he’s a great actor).


Since we’re back on movie Fandoms, you can’t go wrong with the Classics, which I’m a huge fan of. So, here are my favorite classics – in no particular order.

All of them

All of them! But Raiders is my favorite!

And, of course, the classic chick flicks:

All the Disney Channel movies and most of the shows

And the Disney Channel original movies (Motocrossed, High School Musical 1 & 2, Camp Rock, Jump In, Halloweentown, Cheetah Girls, and more)

Not sure if this counts as a chick flick or not


I am a MASSIVE fangirl of Dinosaurs. Literally, Dinosaurs, Samurai, and Native Americans are the top three things I fangirl about that have a fandom to themselves for me even though they’re not technically fandoms – as far as I know, anyway.


This leads me into Jurassic Park. How could a huge dino fan like me not LOVE and adore these movies? Another classic musical theme – right up there with Braveheart, Gladiator, and Titanic!


Sight and Sound Theaters

Literally, these guys deserve to be a fandom. I’ve listened to their Moses and Samson soundtracks OVER AND OVER again. They put on Bible story plays but do it so fantastically. They’re more Biblically accurate than most other films I’ve seen produced in Hollywood, create the MOST heart-warming music – literally, just listen to their Samson soundtrack – and design some of the most beautiful costumes and sets. They’re the Broadway for Christian theater.



I can’t forget about anime. Obviously, I’m gonna break this into different anime shows I love; I used to read manga but not anymore, so sorry but these are only the shows.

Hakouki – this is tied with Fairy Tail as my favorite anime of all time. It’s historical fantasy, going through the last days of the Samurai, and yes, I love this era. There are 5 handsome anime guys…

Plus the furies which are sort of like vampires, this is literally like vampire diaries meets 1860s Japanese samurai history meets the most tragic movie of all time.

Grab your tissues before you watch this one.


Fairy Tail – on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have Fairy Tail. A group of mages that go on adventures and fight tons of bad guys.

Yes, that’s where that reference is from – if you read this from the beginning and remember it, anyway, LOL.

It’s about friendship and bonds that stand the test of time and never giving up. I love it and it will always be amazing.


Next up is Black Clover. This is literally pretty much a different version of Fairy Tail – same concepts, same character tropes, same concepts with the big bad villains, same everything. Different names and a very different magic system. Made by different guys but still amazing nonetheless


A few other animes I’ve watched and enjoyed that are worth mentioning: Yona of the Dawn (I wished they had finished this, but it was canceled, I think); Basilisk (a weird version of Romeo and Juliet); Bleach (LOVE this one); Tomayori Princess (which was kind of averagely okay). I’m probably forgetting one.


Rurouni Kenshin

This is a pretty much classic anime and the first one I ever watched, loved, and got into. This started it all and Kenshin is one of my favorite anime characters – one of the first. I also enjoyed the live action films they made of this too and I think they did a great job with it.


Some other video game fandoms I’m a part of that are worth mentioning:

Ark (dinosaurs with a world like Skyrim – YES, YES, so much YES

Subnautica (the most terrifying video game in existence and I love it and it isn’t even horror. Undersea exploring where you have no idea what’s out there. Gives me the heebie jeebies but it’ SO much fun.


Speaking of heebie jeebies…

Scooby Doo.

This is childhood, classic, everything. It’s a huge fandom and has always been a deep part of my childhood growing up. I love it, I love the gang, love the mysteries, and the fun humor. I’m not a fan of anything new – literally, the most recent Scooby Doo show I’ve seen is What’s New Scooby Doo. Anything after that, I probably haven’t seen and I’m one of those fans that doesn’t want anything new. Give me new What’s New Scooby Doo or new classics and I’m good. I don’t like the new animation.


Veggie Tales.

Literally, every Christian child’s childhood show, I imagine. Especially if you were homeschooled. This takes Bible stories and entertainment to a new level. Each episode, they used to retell a different Bible story with talking vegetables. The songs are all classic, the show is classic. At the end, they’d give you a Bible verse to talk about what you learned. I LOVED this show, and WILL always love this show. I haven’t seen the new stuff and don’t know if I like it. But I prefer the old. Eventually, they got into retelling typical stories in a way that teaches you a Biblical truth, but I’m still a fan who prefers the old classics and the Biblical retellings for kids. This is fantastic and no other show for Christian kids has come close to what Veggie Tales did.


Cassandra Clare. I love her books and my favorite of hers is The Mortal Instruments.

I love Jace and love all the characters. I don’t like that she includes homosexual characters, so I have to skip those parts, but other than that, her work is fantasic. Jace and Clary is pretty much my favorite ship and Jace is right up there with Anakin, Zuko, and Damon as my favorite male character of all time.


This leads me into the TV Show they made about hers. It’s about the same series of books but different enough to be counted as a totally different fandom. They did change some things, but I didn’t hate on anything they changed and felt that they actually made her books more mature and exciting. So, I love the Shadowhunters TV Show, was broken hearted when it was canceled and still believe that it should be saved


They didn’t do the ending justice though. Sorry, but the finale was absolutely terrible. I still love the show and SERIOUSLY DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO BUY THIS ON DVD FOR FAIRLY CHEAP? I have looked everywhere!


Some older shows I used to LOVE watching when I was a kid that are worth mentioning: Jag, Walker Texas Ranger, and Touched by An Angel.

Walker Texas Ranger was my ultimate favorite.

Who doesn’t love Chuck Norris? I remember going out to my grandparents and my grandma would babysit me in the evenings while my mom worked and we’d have a list of shows we would watch together – a cooking show, Walker Texas Ranger, and Touched by An Angel.

Touched by An Angel is a wonderful Christian show. Every episode has a touching message that literally warms my heart and makes me ball my eyes out, every time.

I love the concept and ideas they did and it’s just… literally, touching. That’s the perfect description. Here’s some of the most amazing, heart-warming, touching quotes:


These were two of the best shows ever made.



A historical time traveling romance with a handsome, redheaded, courageous, brave Scottish man like Jamie Fraser?

Yes. I LOVE this show and it’s my favorite historical romance series. It has bad scenes, which is frustrating, but if you skip over those, it’s VERY historical and sweet!


Once Upon A Time

Don’t ask me why this was last. I actually almost forgot it. I LOVED this show. Nothing takes classic fairy tales and twists it like this show did. Season 1 was the best and I think seasons 2 and 3 were SUPER good. It kept being good, but I think they ran out of good, classic fairy tales and the final season literally was so bad, I still haven’t finished watching it because it just… I don’t know. Fell short of what the show used to be. I think they had a lot of actors quit.

But I will always remember what the show was and the epic ships and characters that came from it.

Rumple is my favorite villain.

And I ship Snow and Charming SO much!


This list is ever growing and ever changing as my fandoms grow and change. I’m a MASSIVE nerd who has read A LOT of books, watched A LOT of movies and TV Shows, and has played A LOT of video games. I’m probably forgetting several fandoms on this list but these are the highlights  and the ones that mean the most to me.