Used or Burned?
Burning fireplace. Burning wood in brick fireplace. Fireplace with a blazing fire. Fire in a fireplace. Hot fire in darkness on fireplace. Burning and glowing pieces of wood in Fireplace.

Used or Burned?

Wood is all equal. You may be wondering why in the world I’m talking about wood. But think about this for a moment. When you have a tree, the wood…

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Fear Not

These are crazy and perilous times and a lot of people are afraid of the coronavirus. Whether you believe in God or not, we should all be smart and careful.…

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Our True Home

There is a lot about Heaven that we do not fully understand but it will be far more amazing than our minds can really comprehend. Imagine the most joyous, fun…

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Learning to Lean on God

Anyone who reads and studies the Bible, specifically the Old Testament or anyone who knows Biblical history knows that the Israelites were often conquered by other nations. First, they were…

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