How Accurate Is The Bible Compared To Science?

How Accurate Is The Bible Compared To Science?

Anymore these days, only a few people still believe in the Bible’s accuracy. Theories like evolution and other scientific “research” are taught in public schools and children and teens these days are learning all kinds of false ideas that are causing them to doubt the Bible’s accuracy. This in turn, either makes them try to fit in evolution and other scientific theories with the Bible, or discredit the Bible entirely. Some non-believers refuse to even listen to the gospel simply because they believe the Bible isn’t true.

In fact, the opposite is true!

The Bible itself actually proves science and vice-versa. God created science, so why wouldn’t it? When I learned all of this information, I was blown away! I was taught something very different in middle and high school even though I was raised in a Christian home and have believed in God my whole life. Maybe you’ll learn something just like I did.

Creation is the first issue we’re going to address. Science claims that the universe just came to be in a giant explosion of matter, which somehow randomly created life. There are several issues with this. Firstly, if this is where the universe was created, then what created matter? How did it get there? Secondly, we have never once in all of human history, actually observed matter creating life or any form of it. If it supposedly happened once, then it would happen again. Science is part observation, part history and the historical part comes from eye-witness accounts. No one has ever witnessed matter creating life on its own. Thirdly, historical science is researched through historical accounts and witnesses written accounts of something in science happening. We have to believe these accounts are credible and believable. So where do we turn to the answers for creation, then, if it’s obvious that matter didn’t create the universe? The answer is simple: Who witnessed it?


God inspired man to write the Bible to tell us where life came from and give us a guide to living life, to hear His Word and His Voice. Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” There’s the answer right there, in black and white. Yet people don’t want to believe this. Why? Because they don’t believe the Bible is accurate.

Let’s look at this scientifically!

DNA is the information in the cells of the human body that tells our bodies to act the way that they do. In simple terms, it’s a complicated language made from nucleotides and other things that scientists are trying to understand. Languages are created by intelligent beings so that we can communicate and function as a culture. If you found an ancient book written in a foreign language you didn’t understand, you wouldn’t just think it randomly came to be there. No, you would study it – or give it to someone else to study it – to try to figure out what the languages means. Since you don’t understand the language, you would do your best to try to read it and understand what the intelligent ancient person who wrote it was saying.

DNA is a language; science has proven that and scientists (even secular ones) have been trying to decode it, understand it, and read it for years now. Just like the ancient book, DNA was created by an Intelligent Being, Someone who wrote it.

Matter cannot and has never created life before. It could not create the complex characters seen in DNA to even form one human, much less the trillions and trillions of humans who have ever lived.

Need more reasons to believe God is real and the Bible is accurate? Here we go.

Say you walked into a large room and saw 500 chairs arranged in a room in neat rows. Your first assumption would be that someone took the time to arrange them in that order. However, if you walked into the same room and saw 500 chairs knocked over and in a complete mess, you would know that the result was because something messed them up.

What do we see when we look up at the night sky? Planets and stars perfectly arranged. The earth is in the exact position from the sun to provide life; too close and we would burn up. Too far away and we would freeze. Chance didn’t put it there. Just like chance would not have arranged those 500 chairs. Someone put it there; a Creative Someone with intelligence and a plan for a perfect design.

Chaos cannot be the reason why we came to be, nor can it be the reason earth has life, or what causes us to live. Our brains are complex, like a highly functioning computer. We can feel emotion, we’re aware of ourselves, we can sing, and worship, and pray, and we can reason and think for ourselves. Chaos and chance cannot think or reason and therefore, it cannot create something that can. If it did, the scientific laws that everyone, even secular scientists, believe are true, would be constantly changing and inaccurate.

With that being said, God is real and He created life as we know it. He breathed all stars into existence. His hands formed the first man, Adam. Then He took a rib from Adam and created Eve. Together, they were the first man and woman, the first husband and wife, the first humans to ever exist. God made man in His Image, not the image of apes or another simple life form. God placed humans in charge over the earth and all the creatures in it.

When Adam and Eve sinned and sin entered God’s perfect world, God had a plan to save us so that we wouldn’t eternally die, like we were supposed to. Instead, He sent his Only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross and rise again three days later, to save us from our sin. Now, if we seek Him and ask forgiveness, He will give it to us. God loves us; He loves you! He created you and it is God who gives breath to your body every day.

He causes the sun to rise in the morning to kiss you awake and He brings the stars out at night, to shine and display his glory. Millions of years of evolution didn’t create these miracles. God did and He made it for us and saw that it was good.

We didn’t evolve from apes or another simple life form that changed from a fish to a land dwelling creature. The only fossil that has been found and claimed to be a transitionary creature – one thought to have been in the process of changing from fish to land creature – was inaccurate because land footprints were discovered a supposed several million years before that creature even existed.

With no fossils and scientific evidence of transitionary creatures, it’s further testimony that humans were made in the image of God.

Science doesn’t prove evolution or that chance made the universe as we know it. It doesn’t point to chance or apes for the answers. No, science proves one crucial fact, one that too many people today are ignoring:

The universe, humans, life itself was created by God. 

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