Shadowhunters Final Season Trailer (And Game of Thrones Too)!

Shadowhunters Final Season Trailer (And Game of Thrones Too)!

Today’s post is going to be really short – I’ve been sick earlier this week and am still trying to catch up on things. The trailer for the final season of Shadowhunters has been released and it definitely makes me not want to wait for the final season – although I wish it wasn’t the final season.


Pass the hashtag along if you believe the show should be continued.

In other news, I’m fairly certain the Game of Thrones final season trailer has dropped as well; I saw one on YouTube but I haven’t confirmed if it’s legit or not. If it is, it’s definitely a teaser trailer because it TEASES the fans.

*Spoilers for the trailer below. You’ve been warned*

Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and Sansa Stark are all walking down in the crypts of Winterfell. Then, the inevitable happens – the entire place turns icy – Winter is coming!

Watch both the Shadowhunters Final Season trailer and the trailer for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones below!

Shadowhunters Final Season Trailer

Game of Thrones Season Eight Teaser

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