Mulan Live Action Trailer Is Out!

Mulan Live Action Trailer Is Out!

I apologize that this article is a day late, but I’m back and with exciting news!

So I’ve just spent the past ten minutes fangirling SUPER DUPER HARD because I just watched the trailer for the new Mulan live action movie Disney’s putting out, set to release in 2020! Oh my goodness it looks SOOOOOO GOOD!

If you haven’t watched it yet, do that now!

Watch now!

Needless to say, SPOILERS!!!!!! You have been warned! Do not read any more if you don’t want the trailer spoiled for you.

So it looks like they are changing a few things, but from what it looks like, they might be being more true to historical details than before. A woman starts off saying that the matchmaker has found a match for Mulan. The first thing I notice is that the woman’s actress is this AMAZING Asian actress that’s practically in every single good Chinese movie ever! So I’m super excited to see her and it seems like she’s playing Mulan’s mother.

Mulan doesn’t seem happy about this, but she says she’ll bring the family honor in response to stuff her father tells her. I’m wondering if she’s really going to take his place in the army or run away. Honestly, I loved the idea that she did it to save her father, so I’m hoping they don’t change that. But as long as it’s good, I guess it won’t matter!

It shows her training and in the army camp in a montage thoughout the trailer. We also get to see her in full Chinese getup with all the makeup, so that’s also super exciting and again, very true to historical details, which I’m already in love with. In the army camp scenes, I’m seriously searching for glimpses of who could be playing Li Shang. He’s my favorite Disney prince – or one of my favorites, and I know, technically he isn’t a prince—so I’m SOOO eager to see who plays him. Mulan’s actress seems perfect for the role so far. It shows her training and fighting with a sword, so I’m also eager to see the fight scenes.

All in all, a 5 star trailer and I just hope the movie is as good as it seems! I’m in love and I seriously wanna watch more!

What about you guys? What do you think of the new Mulan trailer? Are you excited for it? What do you think about all the Disney remakes thus far?

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