Life Has A Creator

Life Has A Creator

This post is going to get deep and it may anger some of the people reading it. A short disclaimer is that I don’t write anything in this post to insult anyone or with contempt. My intention is to share my beliefs with others, to enlighten people to the truth of God’s existence. I only ask that if you disagree, that you continue reading this post with an open mind.  That said, let’s get started.

When someone denies the existence of a Creator, then that means they literally believe in the scientific impossibility that nothing created everything. If you have nothing—then, it can’t create anything.

When we look at buildings, we know it has a builder, even though we don’t have to see the builder to know it has one. We can marvel at the beauty of paintings and think to ourselves what a great artist the painting had. Every building has a builder, every painting an artist, every book a writer.

Let’s start with something everyone can agree on. Every book, whether fiction, non-fiction, or something in between, has a writer. We can all agree on that, right?

If someone came up to you and said that they didn’t believe a book had a writer, that it just wrote itself, then that would be insane. We would probably look at them a little weirdly or just simply walk away because, that’s a totally insane idea.

All scientists agree—yes, even secular ones who don’t believe in God—that DNA is a long molecule that basically has our genetic code inside it. Essentially, it’s a book that contains all the instructions on how to run our bodies inside of it.

Every book has a writer.

DNA is no different.

Let’s go a little deeper. Next time you’re outside at night, look up at the stars or take some time to Google pictures of the universe we live in. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Absolutely stunning. We look up at the sky and we see everything arranged in perfect order.

Earth is sitting at the perfect distance from our sun where it can help life grow but we aren’t too far away to be cold. It has oxygen in just the right amount, and tilts the right way, gravity holds us in place. If any of these things were off by just a little, none of us would exist.

Planets perfectly rotate around the sun, each one positioned where they’re meant to be. The billions upon billions and billions of planets and galaxies exist in this universe, are perfectly arranged, exactly as they are meant to be. It isn’t chaos out there; no, it’s perfect order.

Imagine something with me for a moment. If you walked into a gymnasium and you saw 500 chairs arranged in neat rows, you would assume someone had come in an arranged them. But if you walked into that same gym and saw those chairs scattered around the room, anything could have happened to them. It was an accident, the result of chaos.

When we look at our universe, we see order, not chaos. Someone arranged it. Someone Created it.

Think about all the wonderful things in this world we have to be thankful for. Birds, sunshine, majestic mountains, vast oceans, the songs of whales, playful puppies, trees, flowers, butterflies, horses, I mean, the list goes on and on. Not once have we witnessed one animal kind change to another. A dog doesn’t change into a cat and a horse can’t change into a bear.

What we see is the result of adaptation. Birds beaks will change based on where they live; bears in the north pole adapted white fur and larger sizes. Dogs adapted and were bred into hundreds of different kinds. Adaptation is completely different from evolution and many, many people get them mixed up. What we see is evidence of adaptation, not evolution.

God created the universe, the world, and all these beautiful creatures in it in six days. He created us, too—the first man and woman. Adam and Eve weren’t apes or ape-like beings. No, they were humans, created in the perfect image of God.

Why would you want to believe that you came from an animal? You are so beautiful and created to be better than that! God saw His creation—saw us—and He thought that it was good.

Do you know how precious babies are? When a man and a woman have intercourse, the sperm only have twenty four hours to find an egg, meet up with it, and begins the conception process. The sperm has to be healthy and in the process, millions of sperm will go through a perilous journey to reach the egg. Only one of them will make it there alive and the rest of them—out of a million—will die.

Then, of course, their problems worsen as the sperm still has to penetrate the egg’s outer shell. Finally, once the sperm gets in, a miracle happens. The sperm’s genetic material combines with the egg’s genetic material and creates a new cell that starts dividing. At this point, it will finish traveling out of the fallopian tube and implant inside the woman’s uterus.

The moment that the new cell is created, the baby’s genes and sex are chosen—a boy or a girl. Within three weeks, the baby’s first nerve cells have already been created. Over the next week, the cell is also working to decide the baby’s hair and eye color, and even the baby’s personality! The embryo’s organs are also starting to form.

God knows you before you’re formed in your mother’s womb. How could all of this be possible without Someone to have created it, designed it, and made it work the way it’s meant to be? Life is beautiful and precious and without God, none of us would exist.

Buildings have builders. Paintings have artists. Books have writers—DNA included—and life…

Life has a Creator.




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