What to be Grateful for in a Year of Hardships

What to be Grateful for in a Year of Hardships

Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to be thankful for what we as a country do still have. With the way the election is going and the complete chaos our country in the United States seems to be in, as well as the difficulties and struggles the entire world has been in right now, we need to pray and remember that God is still in control. Sometimes, it may not seem or feel like it, but he’s in charge and His will is always good and perfect.

He knows what’s best for us.

No matter who becomes President, no matter what Pandemic sweeps across the world, no matter what lies are spread, or what terrorist groups attack, or how many innocent babies are killed, God is in control and He will work everything out for good and for His glory.

This thanksgiving season, try to dwell on what we do have instead of looking at everything wrong with the world and our country. I know I’ve been very bad at that lately; but it’s important for me to start counting my blessings. Right now, we as Christians are still free to share our beliefs; so, we need to take advantage of that while we still can and be grateful that we aren’t being killed or persecuted for our beliefs in Jesus Christ. Because there are many countries where Christians are still killed for their faith, especially ones who convert from other religions.

The United States was also in a better position to handle COVID-19, compared to other countries and are economy is not good right now, but it could always be worse. We still have friends and family around us, and we should also be very grateful that technology is at a place right now, where even though we aren’t allowed to go very many places and do too many things, we can still video chat and hang out online. Even thirty to forty years ago, quarantine would have been a whole lot more difficult without the ability to do these things.

This thanksgiving season, try to think of things that you can be grateful for in your personal life, in your job, in your country, and in the world as a whole—and especially in your faith. Because the one thing we can all be very grateful for is that Jesus Christ came down as a man, lived, died, and was resurrected for our sins. He gave us His grace and salvation and that’s the most wonderful gift we can ever possibly be given.

Joanna White

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