Attributes of God Part Two: Majesty

Attributes of God Part Two: Majesty

We’ve been looking at the attributes of God. We all know that God is infinite. There is so much to learn about Him that we could never grasp it all in a thousand lifetimes. But we can learn what we can, which is why we’re doing this study; breaking down the different attributes of God. Obviously, there is an infinite number of them, but this study will touch on a few that stand out. Last week we thought about God’s creativity and just how creative He has to be, in order to have made the universe and all that’s in it. This week, the attribute of God that we are going to take a deeper look at is God’s Majesty.

Think about a moment when you’ve been completely at awe of God. Looking at the stars and realizing just how big God is or gazing at a mountain, or maybe at the world from on top of a mountain. Or maybe you were listening to a worship song, or reading God’s Word and it randomly clicked with you. What did that moment feel like? What put you in awe of God in the first place?

For me, I was outside at night time and we live in the country. For a moment, I just looked up at the stars and there were so many—an uncountable number of them and I sang the worship song called God of wonders. “God of wonders beyond our galaxy… you are holy.” And I just felt so small. So many planets and suns out there that we don’t even have a number for and yet He knows all the hairs of my head.

When you hear or read the word majesty, what do you think of? For some, that would may invoke a king or royal that’s so high above the peasants, they seem untouchable. Majestic always makes me think of mountains. I’ve never seen one in person, but I’ve seen some stunning photos online and I can only imagine how beautiful they are in person. Others may think of the ocean and how vast and deep it is—untouchable, unsearchable, infinite.

All of those describes God’s Majesty. When you think about it, God raises kings up and He can tear them down. He created mountains and the ocean too—and everything in it. How Majestic God is. The King of kings and yet…

We can touch Him! We can speak to Him. We can have a relationship with Him. He is Majestic and seems untouchable, unsearchable. But the thing is, even though we may never fully know all there is to know about God is that He lives inside us. He allows us to get close with Him and see personal sides to Him that He wants us to see. God’s Majesty stretches to the Heavens. They declare His glory and beauty. So does the highest mountain, the deepest ocean, the brightest star. God is bigger and deeper and brighter than all of them.

Yet He loves you. He loves me. He wants to have a relationship with you and be spiritually intimate in ways we can’t even understand yet. He longs for you to hear Him and search for Him. The Bible says that God searches to and fro across the earth for those who seek Him.

Majesty—In the English dictionary, it means stateliness, dignity or beauty; royal power. In Greek, the word for Majesty is actually megalosune which means greatest. In Hebrew, the word for Majesty is hode which means splendor, beauty, glory, honor.

I challenge you to take some time today, whether it be five minutes or thirty, to find something beautiful in the world around you. Look at it and reflect on God’s Majesty and let His Presence soak into your being.

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