Attributes of God Part One: Creativity

Attributes of God Part One: Creativity

Often times, we as Christians look at Jesus and His love. God is love; that is true. Jesus’ sacrifice and resurrection are the ultimate acts of love that has ever been or ever will be again. But so many times, I think we forget God’s other attributes because we focus solely on His love.

God is infinite!

There are so many attributes to His personality that we can never fully know or understand Him while we live on earth. Even in Heaven, I don’t think we will completely know. Only God is all-knowing. I think we’ll have a deeper understanding—way more than we have now—but we still won’t know everything.

For now, while we are here on earth, let’s try to learn all we can about who God is—and about His attributes.

As a writer, one aspect of God that I have learned personally through experience and my relationship with God is that He is creative. That probably isn’t something a lot of people think about, but it’s true! Whenever I’m writing a fantasy novel and I do some world or race building, it puts me in awe of God. For me, world building is fun. But three things to note here: 1) While it’s fun, it’s mentally exhausting. So, usually when I’ve done it for hours on end, I need a break. My brain has to rest. 2) Ideas don’t come from nowhere. That’s a writing myth, by the way, because no ideas are truly original. They came from somewhere. 3) This may be obvious, but nothing I create is real.

But its these two facts that make me realize just how amazingly and infinitely creative God is. Because He actually built the universe and all that’s in it. Not only does that mean He can breathe real things into existence, from puppies to trees and grass and butterflies and air and the sea, and whales and elephants and people and the sky and stars and so, so much more, but that everything He creates is real.

Then, think about it. He creates the entire universe, which is so huge, it boggles our mind to think about. We don’t even have a number high enough to count how many stars are in the galaxy, or how big the universe even is. So, let’s take it a step further and look at my first two points. God creates the entire universe and while He did take a day to rest afterward, He doesn’t really get tired, not mentally. Plus, God’s ideas were completely original. He didn’t steal the ideas from anywhere. When He invented the narwhal, He pictured it, knew what He wanted it to be, and created it. He might have been smiling as He did. Can you imagine when God created penguins? Or when He chose to make them waddle the way they do?

We’ll look more on this in a future part of this series, called Attributes of God, but think about the smile He must have had or the joy He needed to create a penguin and its waddle.

There is a saying, “All good things come from God.” This is true and it includes many attributes that we haven’t thought about, including creativity. Everything we think of that is good and creative comes from God’s inspiration. God is our original source of creativity. Just take a look at the stars, at a baby in the womb, or a look in the mirror.

In all the worlds, races, and characters I’ve created, some ideas are likely repeated. I don’t mean to do it, but subconsciously, it happens to the best of writers. Even famous authors like George R.R. Martin have aspects that they repeat. Most fans love that because its what makes the author appeal to their audience, but my point is that even the best authors can repeat ideas.

But each animal, each person on this earth who is alive today and has ever lived is unique. No two stars are the same; no two tiger stripes are the same, and no two humans are the same. We may look similar; but you are the only one with the combination of the nose, chin, eyebrow, eyes, hands, height, and even your personality traits are unique to you and who God created you to be. God is infinitely creative! His ideas are original and they never repeat!

Let’s all take a moment to stretch our creative minds that God has gifted us with, whether you sing or play music, design art (either digital or paper), write stories, arrange flowers, sew dresses, or act, write poetry or read it, or anything that’s creative. As you’re being creative, take a moment to sit in God’s Presence and dwell on His Creativity. See where relaxing in His Presence and using His inspiration can take you!

Joanna White

I'm a Christian author with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment. I love God and my family and am passionate about writing Christian Fantasy. I'm a total nerd; I love Star Wars and video games and many other TV Shows.

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