Attributes of God Part Seven: Joy

Attributes of God Part Seven: Joy

We’ve been looking at the attributes of God. Today—I think—will be the final week. So far, we took a look at His creativity, majesty, holiness, patience, love, and sovereignty. This week, the final week, we’re going to look at His joy.

There’s a song by Mark Lawry called Jesus Laughing. Have you ever tried to picture Jesus laughing? Until I heard this song, I didn’t. So often, we see depictions of Jesus whether paintings or in movies that He’s stoic and serious. Somehow, it feels… almost unreverent to imagine Him laughing. That’s the reason why I love this song so much. It talks about Jesus laughing. It’s the same reason why I love the TV Show the Chosen. They show the human side of Jesus—including Him joking.

Jesus lived and was fully God and without sin. But He was also fully human. And I know if it’s this hard to picture Jesus laughing, it’s virtually impossible for us to imagine God as joy or having joy. But the thing is, all good things were created by God and for God.

Including joy.

If He created it, wouldn’t it make sense that He feels it too? I think God enjoys it when we laugh and smile, especially when we acknowledge that our joy comes from Him and praise Him for it.

When was the last time you had a good day? Just laughing with your friends and family, or maybe with yourself? Maybe an animal or pet made you laugh—either in a video or in person, or maybe something put a huge smile on your face. Take a moment to reflect on what that felt like—feel that same joy again.

Now, when was the last time you thanked God for giving you a moment like that? Or for anything, really? Some of us may remember to think God for the obvious—food, clothes, shelter, cars, job promotions, etc. But how many of us think to praise God for filling us with His joy?

Take another moment to think about the good things in your life. Even if you don’t have much. Food on your table. A nice AC in the summer heat. A pet or child. A parent, sibling, or distant family. Cool coworkers, and nice friends to hang with. A phone and Internet or a streaming service. Good shows to watch. Video games to play. Some talent or hobby you enjoy doing. All of these good things in your life come to God. They are gifts from Him to you, so that you can enjoy the life that you have here.

Does God want us to enjoy life here? Yes, the good things; I believe He does. But I think He wants us to praise and acknowledge Him for these good things. But imagine just for a moment, God thinking about you… knowing that the good things you listed above would put a smile on your face.

That’s why He gave them to you. To fill you with joy.

And you want to know something else? What do you think is the reason why God wants us to praise and worship Him? I bet you’re thinking the same answer most of us—non-Christians and Christians alike—assume when that question is asked: that He wants us to praise Him because He wants to feel good. That maybe He gets some sort of egotistical high from being praised and worshiped.

Yeah, no. That’s WAAAAY off. God doesn’t get anything from our praise and worship. He is an infinite being and is fulfilled and whole. God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit are three but they are one, which means He is whole alone if He needs to be.

So, then why does He want us to praise and worship Him?

Because it fills us with joy!

Whether you’re a Jesus-follower who is a hand-raisin’, tongue-speaking Pentecostal who goes all out in worship services or a quiet, passive Baptist—or even just someone who praises and worships God when listening to music or singing it, or even painting or doing some sort of activity, or when you’re encouraging others, or reading the Word or praying… Regardless of how you praise God, think back to the most enjoyable moments you’ve had in God’s Presence. Those moments when your skin tingles and you feel a warmth inside you that can only be explained as being God’s Presence with you. Hold that moment in your mind for just a second.

Doesn’t that feel good?

Personally, in my own life, I’ve never found anything that comes close. There are things in life that make us happy and bring us pleasure, but those things are always temporary and will eventually fade or go away. But God is eternal and He will never go away. He is always there, and anytime we praise and worship Him, it fill us with that type of Joy that can only come from Him.

So, the next time you praise and worship God, or the next time you have a good day or smile and laugh and feel joy in your heart, stop and thank God for it.

Joanna White

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