Something Small

Something Small

It seems fitting since next week is Thanksgiving that today we’d talk on being thankful and giving God praise for the good things He has done in our lives. But what about in times when we feel we don’t have anything to be grateful for, or just less to be thankful for than we did before? What about times when we feel overwhelmed by troubles, as if we’re just down and out and feel like we’re in a pit that we can’t climb out of? What if you’re in a lot of pain or you’re terribly sick, or a loved one passed away and you miss them so badly you can’t bear another day without them? What if you feel like you’re worthless or you’re depressed and it’s hard to get out of bed? What if you’re relationships or your job is falling apart or you’re too addicted to something and you feel as if you’ve been abandoned by everyone who loves you? What if you feel totally and completely alone and you don’t know where to even begin on things you’re grateful for?

What then?

Life is hard—so hard. Some of us have it easier than others. But even when we are overwhelmed and hurting and stressed, there is always—always—someone who has it worse off than we do. If you’re sick or in pain, there is someone out there who is in more pain or who is sicker than you right now. If you’ve gone through loss, there is someone out there who has lost more than you have. If you’ve been abandoned and rejected, and you feel alone, know that there is someone else out there who has been rejected more times than you, and that they feel alone too.

Remember Jesus.

He was rejected by his own people—people He came to save. He was in the worst pain imaginable at the time period due to the horrors of crucifixion and what it does physically to the human body. In the Garden, when Jesus prayed, he wept tears of blood because of the physical stress and strain his body was enduring. He endured hunger in the wilderness for 40 days, and severe temptation. He saw the religious people of his day turning God’s house into a den of thieves and he had his heart broken in knowing that the people God loves turned against him. Everything that you and I have felt, are going through, and have experienced, Jesus has been through as well. So, no matter how alone you may feel, Jesus understands you perfectly. He endured it all, just without sin.

You are not alone.

No matter what situation you’re in, there is always someone who has endured more. That isn’t to take away from the pain you’re experiencing, but it can shed a little bit of light in your darkness. There is always a flicker of light to see—something positive, even in the worst of situations. Maybe you have a good friend, family member, or even a pet that you’re close with. Or, maybe you have enough food for the week, or a roof over your head. Maybe you have a hobby or a passion that God has given you, or a good job, or something in your life—even if it’s just one thing that’s small. Take time to dwell and think on that single good thing that God has given you. Then, praise God for it. If He’s given you more than one thing to be grateful for, then praise Him for that, too.

Even in times when there doesn’t seem to be anything to be thankful for, there’s always something good, even if it’s small.

Joanna White

I'm a Christian author with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment. I love God and my family and am passionate about writing Christian Fantasy. I'm a total nerd; I love Star Wars and video games and many other TV Shows.

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