Leader, Husband, Father: A Detailed Look At Municx

Leader, Husband, Father: A Detailed Look At Municx

Municx is widely known in Zagerah as the man who has survived the longest in Zagerah. This naturally makes him the man with the most experience and a natural leader since the other prisoners all turn to him for help and advice, which he’s eager to give. It’s a way to make up for the losses he has faced in his past and his failure to protect his son.

Before Zagerah, Municx’s own family started a rebellion against the Aretul. It spread to two other villages near theirs before the Gredi came and captured all of the men. They killed the women and left the children alive, forcing them back onto one single village to fend for themselves. A harsh winter had come, so Municx and only a few others lived. He knew they wouldn’t make it in their village; it had no crops and winter kept any game they could hunt away. He was only seven at the time, but a fairly decent hunter and still wouldn’t be able to catch anything.

So he and the survivors traveled to the nearest villages. The other two had already been wiped out as if they had never existed. The Aretul didn’t want word of rebellion spreading to the other villages to give any of their people any ideas, which was why the three villages were dealt with quickly and quietly.

By the time they arrived in Averon, Municx was the only survivor left; the other two had frozen to death. He was near dead when a woman found him and nursed him back to health along with her daughter. The two were the closest to a village healer Averon had.

The healer’s daughter, Ganna, and Municx enjoyed spending time together. He worked hard and provided for Ganna, her mother, and the other villagers when he could. For Muncix, he was already an adult before he’d even become a teen but that was alright with him. He was careful.

Soon, he and Ganna married and had a child of their own. At the time, they both believed she would never be able to have children, so their son was a blessing.

Then Municx was taken to Zagerah.

He did everything he could to be careful, patient, and smart to stay alive. Even if he never made it out of Zagerah to see his wife and child again, he vowed to stay alive for their sake. Over the years, Municx protected many other boys that reminded him of the father he could have been, but losing his child was something Municx came to accept with time. His hope and prayer was that the child had been born a girl, that way she would never have to face Zagerah or the horrors that existed within it.

Municx’s backstory may be shorter when compared to the others but he plays the part of an experienced, wise old man in a place where most men don’t grow to be that old. He’s the unmentioned leader of a special group of prisoners that eventually adds one more to their family:

A new prisoner named Dalex.

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    It’s awesome to learn about theses these guys, it kinda makes the store complicated.

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      Aww well I’m really glad you think so. I really loved exploring their backstories especially the ones I hadn’t before!

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