My Year: What 2021 Was Like For Me

My Year: What 2021 Was Like For Me

January 13th – I finished writing Unbroken Spirits, the 9th and final book in the Mystics Series, which ended up at 56,757 words

January 29th – I was interviewed on the Fantasy Focus podcast

February 12th – After years of struggle, Dark Magi was finally available for audible; same with the Crystal Heist

February 21st – I reached 1000 subscribers in my newsletter for the first time

March 12th – I wrote 6,611 and finished writing my short story for my Republic Chronicles anthology

March 23rd – Volcano, Book One in the Calamity’s Hope Series was released. This is also around the same time I started talking about leaving Ambassador International

April 5th – I held an auction to help raise money so I could rebrand the Valiant Series and it did better than I ever could have expected. This is also when I signed the contract and officially reversed the rights to the Valiant Series back to me

April 13th – I finished writing Light Magi, which ended up being 121,232 words long and I had been writing it 2 months

May 11th – I finished writing Wildfire, Book Three in the Calamity’s Hope Series and it ended up at 62,808 words long and I wrote 10,108 on May 11th

May 21st – I signed a contract with Fallbrandt publishing to launch my entire Mystics Series

May 29th – I finally redid Hunter and Shifter’s new covers myself and did a cover reveal party for both on the 28th

June 16th – Bloodless Secrets was published and a new book in the Mystics Series was launched every few weeks

June 17th – I wrote 16,897 words and finished writing King of Malice which ended up being 118,876 words. It’s book two in the Game of Lies Saga and is the sequel to Champion of Lies

June 25th – Heather Pruitt and I did an interview on my YouTube channel

July 6th – Hunter, Valiant Book One, relaunch day!

July 26th to August 13th – I wrote 175 articles at 500 words a piece for a client on Fiverr. The total ended up being 100,521 words and one day I wrote about 27,000 words

August 10th – Shifter, Valiant Book two, was re-released for a second time

From August 29th to September 5th my husband and I went to Branson on a large vacation to celebrate our 5th anniversary.

September 6th – my family and I went to the Renaissance Festival. I did cosplay for the first time and dressed up as an elven archer. It’s what sparked my desire to play Skyrim with mods, which led me to all the ideas that eventually became Mystical Companions

September 7th – Samurai, Valiant Book Three, launched. It’s my favorite of the earlier Valiant books

September 28th – Healed (short ending to Samurai) launched

September 21st – started writing Mystical Companions

October 1st – I launched my first box set and my first hard cover: the Averell Box Set, available for the month of October. It flopped but it was a good experience and it did later at a cheaper price over the month of December

October 13th – I finished writing Mystical Companions, which was a book I wrote for myself for fun, based off Skyrim and Fairy Tail

October 20th – Unbroken Spirits, the final book in the Mystics Series, was launched

October 22nd – I finished The Enchanter’s Sacrifice, which was meant to be my second Children of Chaos novel. I started it on Oct. 15th

October 23rd –  I updated my logos and personal brand overall look

October 25th – I was kicked out of the Children of Chaos Series. Princess of Beasts became mine again, and the Enchanter’s Sacrifice was no longer going to be part of the series, either

October 29th – the third anthology I’ve been published in launched, called Iron Walls. It featured my story The Ones Who Endured

October 31st – Dark Magi, Rebels, and Bloodless Secrets hit #3, #4, and #6 in Christian fantasy

November 2nd—Bloodless Secrets hit #1 in Vampire Suspense and Religious Science Fiction and Fantasy

November 9th – Light Magi launched. I sold four eBook copies of it

November 24th – I found out that the Mystics Series has flopped and that Fallbrandt wants to reverse the rights to it back to me, because it isn’t worth the money they’re investing into the series

December 7th– I published my very first devotional called, What Is Love. I sold one copy of it and since then, I’ve sold about three copies

December 30th – Fallbrandt sent me the official paperwork that gave me the rights back to The Mystics Series and all books were taken off Amazon


Overall, I wrote 5 novels this year, 1 novella, 3 short stories that are in published anthologies (or soon to be published), I wrote 100,000 words in articles for a single client, and added 104,574 to Immortal and Immortal The Lost Journals

I’ve edited 6 books this year for clients

I’ve written 684,523 words this year (including novels, novellas, short stories, and the 100k in Immortal I added and the 100k for that one client I had)

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