Who Matters More?
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Who Matters More?

Black Lives Matter isn’t just an organization with its own personal goals. It’s a slogan taken up by a lot of Americans today and if you say, “Well, All Lives Matter” then you’re considered either ignorant, or an idiot, or both.

Even modern-day Christians agree. They say not to use the Bible to say that Jesus loves all people because we all know that He does, but they say you can’t use a theological fact to deal with a social issue in America.

Here is what one article had to say:

“When the Las Vegas shooting happened, people changed their profile, ‘Stand with Vegas.’ Nobody said, ‘Well what about the people that got shot in my city!’

Have you ever seen someone counter a ‘breast cancer’ post with ‘what about colon cancer?’

But for some reason, if someone says ‘Black lives matter’ it turns into all-inclusive ‘all lives matter.’

The difference with Black Lives Matter is that it forces some to admit an uncomfortable truth. While all lives should matter, black lives have been disregarded time and time again.”

Black people were slaves in America. That’s a horrible fact of history and it’s deeply sad. Guess what? So were Native Americans and we even stole their land. They were here first.

Want to know something else? Every single country in the world has had slavery at one point in history or another. It’s sad, terrible, and we all know it’s wrong. And it’s terrible that black lives are “disregarded.”

But there are plenty more people and groups that are being disregarded. One of these groups has over 200,000 more lives at threat when compared to black people whose lives are under threat by police shootings.

So, let’s look at the real numbers, then.

4,136 Christians are killed for their faith.

2,625 Christians are detained without trial.

1,266 churches are attacked.

There were 242 white people shot by police in 2020.

There were 123 total reported black people shot by police in 2020.

There were 80 Hispanics shot by police in 2020.

Now, out of these, 2.8 times more black people died from their gunshot wounds versus the white people who survived.

So far, in 2020, 28,915,338 babies have been aborted and this number goes up by 1 every single second.

According to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions. This corresponds to approximately 125,000 abortions per day.

Just to put this in perspective a little bit…

Everyone knows the Holocaust is one of the worst nightmares in history. Over six million Jews and 5 million people from of races were murdered between 1933 and 1945.

So, if you compare Jewish victims which was one of the most horrifying events ever to happen in history—at 6 million of them dying…

With the fact that over 28 million babies have been aborted IN THIS YEAR ALONE…

That is absolutely horrifying.

But then, add in that over 4,000 Christians are killed for their faith every year. So, 242 white people shot by police seems a bit small, doesn’t it? What about the 123 black people shot by police?

Tell me… how many people killed does it take to start a movement? How many people killed does it take to justify destroying monuments, robbing stores, violently protesting, and committing more crimes?


How about 28 MILLION?

So, you see… Whenever someone says Black Lives Matter, I don’t say “All Lives Matter” because I’m a jerk, or an ignorant idiot, like the memes say.

I say it because all lives do matter, but the Black Lives Matter movement claim they’re focusing on black lives because they’re the ones being targeted. They’re the ones struggling right now. They’re the ones needing help.

I’m not denying that they do.

But who needs help more, statistically?

123 people?



Or 28 million?

At least black lives have a voice. They have adults, men, women, old, young… PEOPLE that are old enough to speak for themselves, to shout out and say something, to try to get the world to wake up—even if they do it with the wrong tactics.

Yet, these 28 million babies being aborted?

They’re in the womb. They’re growing. Maturing. At 3 weeks, they have heartbeats. They can’t speak yet. They have no voice. No one to speak for them, to defend them. To cry out for justice for them.

Black lives matter.

All lives matter.

Babies and infants matter.

When you start defining people by a slogan, or using one to try to claim who needs help more, all you’re really doing is focusing on who you want to help while somewhere out in the world, you’re ignoring a group of people who needs your help. Whether it’s persecuted Christians still dying for their faith, white people getting shot by police that you never hear about, or 28 million babies being torn apart in their mothers’ wombs.

Somewhere, someone out there needs help. It isn’t always about black people. It isn’t always about white people. It isn’t always about one race over another. It’s about the people who are in danger, the ones under threat. Yes, black people are shot by police and killed more often than other races and that’s horrible.

But what horrifies me more is that 28 million infants are murdered every day and no one bats an eye. In fact, most people are okay with it. “They’re not babies yet” or “it’s the mother’s choice.”

No, it isn’t. That’s a life inside you. A person. It’s a real, live breathing human being with a heartbeat at three weeks old. THREE WEEKS. That’s before most women even find out they’re pregnant.

How many of you know some of the main reasons why God allowed Israel to wipe out the evil nations that came before them? It was because they sacrificed children to their gods, like Baal and Dagon. How many babies do you think they sacrificed to their idols?

But we don’t really need to know that, do we?

Because we know how many babies our culture sacrifices to the idols of selfishness, greed, personal happiness, and comfort.

28 million.

Babies matter.

And they’re the real ones in danger right now.

Joanna White

I'm a Christian author with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment. I love God and my family and am passionate about writing Christian Fantasy. I'm a total nerd; I love Star Wars and video games and many other TV Shows.

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