Planting A Seed

Planting A Seed

None of us have any idea what God has planned for us. But I know that sometimes, I worry and feel like I’m not going anywhere with my life, or as if my life will literally be a waste. Do you sometimes feel that burden on your shoulders? It weighs heavily.

The thing is, none of us can see the future like God can. He knows every possibility, every single thing that’s going to happen. He formed you in your mother’s womb and knew everything about you before you were born.

God knows you. He loves you. He has a plan for your life. We may not see or understand what it is, but God does. His plan and purposes go far beyond us, beyond our lives and what we see on earth.

You never know when you will do something and plant a seed. To you, it may be small, like witnessing to that coworker you know, or to a friend you’ve had forever. Years down the line, your willingness to obey God will lead to some amazing things, things that you and I can’t see.

Billy Graham saved thousands of lives and brought many, many people the Gospel of Jesus through his ministry. But the man who preached and ended up saving Billy Graham, was saved by someone else, saved by someone else and on back until you get way back into the 1800s. A timid Sunday school teacher obeyed God and went into the store owned by a man where he felt like God wanted him to preach the Gospel to this man. Because the timid man obeyed, the man he spoke to was saved. He went on to evangelize and save others, who saved a man that eventually saved a man and on down to the very man who saved Billy Graham.

You and I may not become Billy Graham’s in our lives, but we all must strive to be like Jesus Christ. By obeying God’s Word, we plant seeds and put things into motion that we can’t see. But God can and God will be proud of us when we do.

Don’t let yourself be discouraged today. God will use you for His purpose and to further His kingdom.

It isn’t all about us.

Joanna White

I'm a Christian author with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing for Entertainment. I love God and my family and am passionate about writing Christian Fantasy. I'm a total nerd; I love Star Wars and video games and many other TV Shows.

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