Come As A Child

Jesus said several times to that whoever doesn’t come to God’s kingdom as a child will not enter it. Mark 10:15, in Jesus’ own words: “Assuredly, I say to you,…

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Don’t Bury It

God gives us things for a reason. Everything wr have in life - from material possessions like houses, cars, cell phones, movies, electronics, video games, to friends and family and…

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Cut It Off

Sometimes, the things we go through or the mistakes we make can be used to help other people who are going through the same problems or struggles. So, today, I’m…

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Who Matters More?
A close up view of a large group of people of mixed races, genders and ages holding hands in a supportive manner.

Who Matters More?

Black Lives Matter isn’t just an organization with its own personal goals. It’s a slogan taken up by a lot of Americans today and if you say, “Well, All Lives…

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Everything You Do

Worshipping God is about more than singing and being in church. Yes, you can and should worship God when you’re saying, raising your hands, praying, reading your Bible, going to…

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