Why Blame God?

Why Blame God?

A while back, I had commented on a pin on Pinterest explaining something that someone had misunderstood about God and Christianity. Ever since then, I’ve had many replies and replied to all of them to address their problems and issues with what I said. One, in particular, took place the other day and it’s been an ongoing conversation that I think a lot of non-Christians need to hear in love and even some Christians too.

Sometimes, I look at the world today and my heart becomes so saddened by what I see. People easily offended, hurting one another online. Politicians lying, activists claiming to be fighting for what’s right when all the while, our rights are slowly being chipped away piece by piece. We live in a country where building a wall is offensive and upsetting to people and yet the murder of innocent babies is allowed, encouraged and in fact, it’s offensive if you are against that because “women have the right to choose.” Yes, that is true, but babies do too (don’t tell me that a fetus isn’t a child. Even as a cell, once the sperm and the egg come together, it forms many different things within that cell that eventually becomes a human life and in just a few short weeks, the baby has a heartbeat).

People die. Women and men are raped. Christians and other people are persecuted for their beliefs. Soldiers fight and die for their country. Children are kidnapped and abused and bullied. Natural disasters kill thousands of lives. Life is terrible and bad things happen.

None of these happen because of God. Many non-Christians will use that as an excuse or a reason why they believe God doesn’t exist. Work with me here:

Imagine you’re on an airplane and of course, you might admire how it looks or how large it is. You’d probably compliment the company who made it and produced it. Now imagine for a second that your flight suddenly goes wrong. The plane starts shaking and then it crashes and many people die – men, women, children, a lot – and you’re surrounded by debris and fire and devastation – the evidence of something terrible happening all around you – just like we see in the world today.

No one would say or think that just because a terrible plane crashed happened and many people died that that suddenly meant the plane didn’t have a maker or that it was the maker’s fault or the companies. No, they would be sad, sympathetic with the people who had lost loved ones, and know that something terrible happened.

That something went really wrong.

God created this world to be perfect in the Garden of Eden. He even put us as humans there when he created Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, Satan intervened and because Adam and Eve gave in to sin, this meant that the perfect world God created was no longer perfect. We as humans became enemies of God the instant sin entered our lives. Because of that, we have a sin nature, we are enemies of God. This world is terrible because we live in a sin-fallen world. This world isn’t God’s and it isn’t meant to be. God’s world is perfect just like God is pure and perfect Himself.

Of course, God loves us so much so you know what He did so that we could still have a chance at a perfect life with Him? He sent His Son Jesus Christ to suffer on the cross and die for our sins. Jesus took God’s wrath against sin for us and suffered for us and then He rose from the dead, so that now we can live in Heaven with God if we trust in Jesus, ask Him to live in our hearts, and repent of our sins.

If you’re in court, if someone pays your fine, the judge can let you go. God is the judge and Jesus paid your fine. He paid everyone’s fine and now we don’t have to go to our death sentence. We can be freed.

But a gift has to be accepted. Jesus has already paid the debt for your sins.

Will you accept Him?

Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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