Self-doubt is a problem that all people have at some point in their lives. Maybe not all, but I think it’s a problem that most people deal with and certainly…

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Who Defines You?

What you do here on earth doesn’t define you. I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes—okay, a lot of times—I either compare myself to others, or measure my worth…

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A Just King

There once was a king. His kingdom thrived and was a paradise. Not once had he ever done anything wrong. Yet in the distant parts of the kingdom, some of…

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Used or Burned?
Burning fireplace. Burning wood in brick fireplace. Fireplace with a blazing fire. Fire in a fireplace. Hot fire in darkness on fireplace. Burning and glowing pieces of wood in Fireplace.

Used or Burned?

Wood is all equal. You may be wondering why in the world I’m talking about wood. But think about this for a moment. When you have a tree, the wood…

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